DesignWare OTP XPM embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) is built using standard, commercially available CMOS logic process technologies and is silicon proven to deliver high density, high performance, and highly reliable electrically field-programmable solutions at a low cost. More than 170 customers have integrated DesignWare XPM NVM IP in more than 400 designs from 180nm to 16nm. Applications range from 8Kb for security keys to multiple instances of 1Mb for program code storage.

Antifuse-based DesignWare OTP XPM NVM IP is an ideal efuse replacement solution.  It is a field programmable memory that provides higher security, larger capacity with a smaller footprint, and lower active and standby power. Because XPM is also foundry agnostic, it allows you to keep the IP in your design if and when you decide to port to another foundry.

Figure 1: DesignWare OTP XPM NVM IP

DesignWare NVM IP Complete Solution
DesignWare OTP 1T-2T NVM IP
Selecting NVM IP for Your SoC


  • Field programmable memory; program at wafer, final test, or in system
  • One-time programmable (OTP)
  • Programming bus width ranging from x1 to x8
  • Read bus width ranging from x1 to x32
  • Access time 70ns
  • Low standby and active current
  • Error correction scheme including redundancy or SEC-DED
  • Lock bit to prohibit memory content modification
  • Integrated charge pump to provide high programming voltage required for programming