DesignWare OTP SHF IP

DesignWare One-Time-Programmable (OTP) SHF memory IP is based on a patented 1T-Fuse™ (anti-fuse) bit-cell. The 1T-Fuse bit-cell uses gate oxide breakdown as a robust, non-reversible programming mechanism. Optimized for high-performance and a wide range of bit densities, DesignWare SHF macros are available for standard CMOS processes. There are no requirements for any additional masks or processing steps.

DesignWare SHF memory IP is provided as a complete, non-volatile memory (NVM) solution providing interfaces and features to support a range of embedded SoC applications. The SHF module integrates the OTP memory and Integrated Power Supply (IPS) hard macro blocks along with program control, programming and test interface, error correction and Built-In Self Test (BIST) RTL. SHF applications include code storage, ROM replacement, secure encryption key storage, configuration, fuse replacement, and trimming and calibration.

DesignWare NVM IP Complete Solution
DesignWare One-Time Programmable SHF Non-Volatile Memory IP


  • Cost-effective, highly reliable NVM for a wide range of uses including:
    • Code storage, ROM replacement
    • Encryption key, configuration, user settings
    • Fuse replacement (calibration, trim)
  • No additional masks or process steps required
  • Flexible architecture fits a wide range of system requirements
  • Execute code from OTP to reduce system cost, complexity and boot time
  • Fast program time: < 50us/word with external VPP to reduce test time and manufacturing cost
  • Supports updates in-field and emulated Multi-Time Programming (eMTP). Optimize for programming performance and area
  • Operating temp: -40°C to 125°C Read and Program
  • Data retention exceeds 10 years at full duty cycle