Synopsys High-Speed Single-Port Cache Memories

Synopsys high-speed single-port cache memories are optimized to meet the high-performance requirements of industry-standard processor cores. Synopsys cache memories deliver the highest levels of performance for the high-performance computing and networking market segments.

High Performance for the High-Performance Networking and Computing Markets

The performance of network devices, servers, cloud computing and other compute-intensive applications is often limited by the performance at which the processor cores can run. At the same time, the performance of processor cores is often limited by the performance of memory instances used in the L1 cache of the processor core. Synopsys fast-cache memories are used by designers in the networking and high-performance computing segment at advanced nodes down to 7nm. The 7nm high-speed fast cache offers more than a 35% increase in performance from previous FinFET generations.


  • High performance cache memories for computing and networking markets
  • Supports highest performance processor cores
  • Available in process nodes to 7nm