DesignWare USB 1.1 Hub Controller

The Synopsys DesignWare® USB 1.1 Hub Controller enables ASIC/ FPGA designers to implement a complete USB Hub. The USB 1.1 Hub Controller supports Full and Low speeds as defined by the USB specification. By utilizing Synopsys' production-proven USB 1.1 Hub Controller, designers can significantly reduce development time and engineering risk, and bring USB-based solutions to market faster. The RapidScript® utility enables designers to easily configure the device by setting the number of downstream ports. The DesignWare USB 1.1 Hub Controller is available in Verilog, facilitating synthesis into any ASIC/FPGA technology.

DesignWare USB 1.1 Controller IP Datasheet


  • Silicon proven
  • Available in Verilog
  • Supports low-speed and full speed devices on downstream ports
  • Integrated DPLL for clock and data recovery
  • 2 User configurable options
  • 1 to 15 downstream ports
  • 2 port power switching mode and over current protection
  • Downstream device connect/disconnect detection
  • Supports suspend/resume for power management
  • Supports one interrupt endpoint in addition to endpoint 0
  • Approximately 12K gates for four ports
  • Test environment for integration testing