Synopsys DDR2/3-Lite Memory Controller IP

The Synopsys DDR2/3-Lite SDRAM Memory Controller IP (MCTL) offers an efficient digital interface between up to 32 on-chip application buses and a DDR2/3-Lite physical layer (PHY) in a DDR3 or DDR2 memory subsystem. The MCTL is a full-featured memory controller that provides efficient DDR control and protocol translation, support for multiple application ports, quality of service (QoS) control and optimized memory transaction scheduling. The MCTL also handles all initialization tasks for the memory subsystem including DRAM initialization and PHY data training.

Synopsys DDR Complete Solution Datasheet


  • Provides a complete, single vendor DDR3/2 SDRAM interface IP solution, when combined with the Synopsys DDR2/3-Lite PHY IP
  • Supports JEDEC-standard DDR3 and DDR2 protocols (JESD79-3 and JESD79-2, respectively)
  • Supports data rates of up to 1066Mbps (533 MHz)
  • Includes a configurable multi-port arbiter with up to 32 host ports using Host Memory Interface (HMI), AMBA AHB or AMBA 3 AXI
    • Programmable ultra-high priority port (port 0), typically a CPU port
  • Separate configuration port using Controller Register Interface (CRI) or AMBA 3 AXI with independent clocking
  • Command re-ordering and scheduling to maximize memory bus utilization
    • Command reordering between banks based on bank status
    • Programmable priority arbitration and anti-starvation mechanisms
    • Configurable per-command priority with up to eight priority levels; also serves as a per-port priority
  • Automatic scheduling of activate and precharge commands
  • Automatic scheduling of refreshes
  • Supports memory interfaces of 8 to 64 bits in 8 bit increments (up to 72 bits with ECC)
  • Programmable ECC generation, checking, and correction
  • Support for up to four external memory ranks
  • Contains basic data training logic for supporting DesignWare DDR2/3-Lite PHYs
  • Automated Read DQS recognition with Dynamic Drift Compensation
  • Programmable timing parameters support DDR3/DDR2/gDDR2 SDRAM components from various vendors