DesignWare ARC Audio Vorbis Decoder

The DesignWare® ARC® Audio Vorbis Decoder for the DesignWare ARC AS211SFX and AS221BD audio processors is an efficient audio decoder that uses the Vorbis compression algorithm. Vorbis is documented as an open, public domain audio standard. The Ogg container format supports Vorbis audio format. Vorbis utilizes a 'lossy' audio compression algorithm.

Optimized for low processor load and small memory footprint, the DesignWare ARC Audio Vorbis Decoder is an efficient solution for embedded audio processing. Applications include media devices such as portable music players, A/V receivers, media boxes and game consoles.

Supported Cores

DesignWare ARC Audio Vorbis Decoder Datasheet


  • Support for all allowed bit rates: (16 - 500 kbps)
  • Decodes up to 255 channels
  • Bit-depth of 16-bit per sample
  • Sample rates: 8 kHz - 48 kHz
  • Block sizes: 64 - 8192 samples
  • Test application includes the Ogg container format reader
  • Robust against memory latency