Synopsys ARC SRS TruSurround HD (HD4)

The Synopsys ARC® Audio SRS TruSurround HD is audio post-processing technology from SRS Labs for the Synopsys ARC AS211SFX and AS221BD audio processors. The SRS TruSurround family is used to reproduce surround content over two speakers or headphones. SRS TruSurround HD accepts up to 6.1 input channels and renders a virtual surround sound for 2.0 - 3.1 speaker configurations. SRS TruSurround HD4 adds support of more (4.0 up to 5.1) output channels.

The Synopsys ARC Audio SRS TruSurround HD software supports both TruSurround HD and HD4. Whether HD or HD4 will be provided in the consumer end-product is a differentiation that is made by the OEM. Target applications include digital TV, set top boxes, A/V Receivers, home theater systems, speaker bars and portable players.

Supported Cores

Synopsys ARC Audio SRS TruSurround HD Datasheet


  • Surround sound virtualization for 1.1 to 6.1 input channels and up to 3.1 (HD) and 5.1 (HD4) output channel configuration
  • Supported sampling rates: 8, 11.025, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48 kHz
  • SRS Dialog Clarity
  • SRS Definition
  • SRS TruBass
  • Bass Management