VDK for ARC HS38 Processor

The VDK for Synopsys ARC® HS Processors is a software development kit that uses a virtual prototype of an ARC HS38 processor-based system. It includes a reference virtual prototype with a single-, dual- or quad-core ARC HS38 and system peripherals, a pre-built Linux image, integration support for ARC MetaWare and GDB Debuggers, and includes sample Linux applications. The VDK is included as part of the ARC nSIM Pro Instruction Set Simulator.

Software Development Features and Integration
  • Software development tools for system-level debug and analysis software development tools provide higher visibility and controllability on execution
  • Scripting interface enables test scenario execution, error injection and customizable developer interface
  • Synchronized debugger integration support, including MetaWare Debugger, GDB and Lauterbach TRACE32 Debugger

Fast Reference Virtual Prototypes
  • Reference ARC HS38 processor-based virtual prototype featuring up to dual-core ARC HS38x2
  • Complete set of peripherals including Ethernet, USB and UART
  • I/O models for connection to external applications including simulation tools and VDK tools
  • Models are adaptable and extendable using Synopsys Virtualizer™ tool set and CoStart services

ARC HS38 VDK Block Diagram

ARC HS38 VDK Block Diagram
  • Broad use- case support including software development, system integration and testing
  • Good out-of-the-box experience for Linux development
  • Start development early, ahead of silicon availability
  • Higher development productivity, identify and resolve software issues in days rather than weeks
  • Easy to deploy to worldwide development teams and for regression tests
  • Included with the ARC nSIM Pro Instruction- Set Simulator
  • Single installer with 64-bit host support