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DesignWare ARC HS36 Processor

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The DesignWare® ARC® HS36 Processor is a member of the high-speed 32-bit HS Processor Family, optimized for use in high-performance embedded applications. The HS36 Processor has support for up to 64KB of instruction and data cache and can be configured as a dual-core or quad-core for maximum performance.

The HS36 Processor is based on the highly-efficient ARCv2 instruction set architecture (ISA) and pipeline that deliver a high degree of performance efficiency and code density with minimal power and area for embedded applications. These ARC processors are ideally suited for applications such as SSD controllers, networking, medical, industrial and automotive systems, and many other high-end embedded applications.

ARC HS36 Processors are highly configurable and enable designers to tailor each instance on their SoC for the optimum balance of performance, power and area. User-defined instructions that enable the integration of a user’s proprietary hardware accelerators allow for further optimization of the processors to dramatically improve application-specific performance while reducing power consumption.

To minimize system-level latency and increase overall system performance, the HS36 Processor supports close coupled memories and direct mapping of peripherals, providing single-cycle access to other IP and memory blocks on the SoC. Native ARM® AMBA® AXI™ and AHB™ standard interfaces are configurable for 32-bit or 64-bit transactions to optimize throughput.

The HS36 Processors are supported by a robust ecosystem of software and hardware development tools, including the MetaWare compiler/debugger, the nSIM instruction set simulator, the MQX real-time operating system (RTOS), and third-party tools, operating systems and middleware from leading industry vendors through the ARC Access Program.

DesignWare HS36 Block Diagram

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DesignWare ARC HS36 Processor Datasheet

  • Achieves up to 3100 DMIPS at 1.6 GHz on 28HPM while consuming less than 60 mW of power (single core configuration, worst case silicon and conditions)
  • Delivers 1.93 DMIPS/MHz, 3.4 CoreMarks/MHz* (per core)
  • Dual- and quad-core version with support for L1 coherency
  • Optional support for up to 8MB L2 cache (separately licensed)
  • Optional enhanced MMU with 40-bit physical address space (separately licensed)
  • Instruction and data caches from 4KB to 64KB each
  • Up to 16MB instruction and data close coupled memory (CCM)
  • 64-bit loads and stores
  • 64-bit multiply, multiply-accumulate
  • Radix-4 hardware divider
  • Optional IEEE 754-compliant floating point unit - single or double precision
  • Selectable ECC protection for all memories in the processor
  • Low-latency port for fast access to peripherals or memory
  • Up to 240 interrupts, with up to 16 configurable preemption levels
  • Native ARM® AMBA® AXI™, AHB™ interfaces
  • JTAG and Compact JTAG (cJTAG) debug interface
  • Optional real-time trace
  • Single-, dual- or quad-core configurations

    *CoreMark: 1.0 : 3.41 / MetaWare C/C++ Compiler I-2013.09 ccac -O -av2em -Xlib -Hmerge -Hinlsize=1000 -Hunroll=2,620 -Hsched_hybrid -Hall_sdata -Hloop_sms -Wcg,-max-predicate=0 / xCAM integrated model simulated @ 1 MHz

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  Description ARC HS36 32-bit processor core, ARC V2 ISA, for embedded applications
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