DesignWare ARC EM: Proven and Trusted Processors

The DesignWare® ARC® EM4 and ARC EM6 processors are optimized for use in power-sensitive embedded and deeply embedded applications where high performance with minimum power consumption is essential. The processors offer outstanding performance efficiency, delivering 1.71 DMIPS/MHz within a very small footprint and with extremely low power consumption.

  • Highly configurable, enabling you to tailor the core to meet your application needs
  • Industry leading embedded performance efficiency with 1.76 DMIPS/MHz
  • Implementations in as little as 0.01mm2, consuming less than 4µW/MHz in a 28-nm process
  • Connect directly to peripherals using ARC Processor EXtension (APEX) technology, minimizing access latency and die area
  • Targets sensor, power management, control, low-power and battery-powered applications
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