T2 Software

T2 Software

T2 Software, formerly T2 Labs, based in Louisville, KY, is a software development company focusing on Bluetooth Audio software solutions and providing embedded wireless software development services for its customers. We provide various software components for Bluetooth Audio for license, including host stacks and codecs. We can also provide the necessary services to enable Bluetooth solutions on customer platforms.


T2 Software LC3 – Bluetooth LE Audio includes a new high-quality, low-power audio codec, the Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3). The codec is designed to achieve high quality audio at much lower data rates than the current SBC used in Bluetooth audio solutions today, thus achieving lower power consumption. The T2 Software LC3 is the first fully qualified and listed LC3 with the Bluetooth SIG, QDID is 156294, and is available for license today.

T2 Software LE Audio Host Stack - Bluetooth LE Audio requires a large, new set of profiles and services to support the new capabilities of Bluetooth LE Audio. These include profiles and services to support control and configuration of basic audio, media, and telephony. The T2 Software LE Audio Host Stack is available for license today, ahead of the adoption of the LE Audio profiles and services.

ARC-specific Support Details

Both the T2 Software LC3 and the T2 Software LE Audio Host Stack have been ported to the Synopsys ARC EM processor family, developed using the MetaWare and nSIM development tools. Optimizations ongoing.

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