Intrinsic-ID Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading provider of security IP for embedded systems based on physical unclonable function or PUF technology. The technology provides an additional level of hardware security utilizing the inherent uniqueness in each and every silicon chip. The IP can be delivered in hardware or software and can be applied easily to almost any chip – from tiny microcontrollers to high-performance FPGAs – and at any stage of a product’s lifecycle. It is used as a hardware root of trust to validate payment systems, secure connectivity, authenticate sensors, and protect sensitive government and military data and systems.Intrinsic ID security has been deployed and proven in hundreds of millions of devices certified by EMVCo, Visa, CC EAL6+, PSA, ioXt, and governments across the globe. Visit Intrinsic ID online at


Intrinsic ID’s products are based on SRAM Physically Unclonable Functions or SRAM PUF. The secure and robust SRAM PUF technology leverages a unique ID intrinsically present in the silicon, seamlessly enabling the highest level of security in the most cost-effective way.

Intrinsic ID provides device-unique data security and user authentication solutions that are available as hard and/or soft Intellectual Property (IP) and are used by companies who want a proven, easy and cost-efficient way to provide a solid trust base within their devices and applications.

ARC-specific Support Details

Intrinsic ID has ported their software for authentication to ARC® processors.

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