INSIDE Secure INSIDE Secure has been helping companies address evolving security threats and innovation demands for more than two decades. Ranging from contactless chips to secure elements and authentication to encryption, Inside Secure has a strong history of developing and delivering the integrated embedded security solutions customers need to better protect, compete and grow their businesses.

INSIDE Secure has a wide range of hardware, software and semiconductor IP products to address the needs of key security markets including payment & mobile banking, content protection & entertainment, enterprise & secure access, and secure IoT & brand protection.


MatrixSSE provides secure element functionality in software. It provides four types of protection for mobile apps:

  • Secure processing prevents secrets from being revealed in memory while they are being used by processing them behind a cryptographic boundary. MatrixSSE also protects against any attacks on weaknesses in the original cryptographic algorithm.
  • Tamper resistance enables applications to defend themselves with a comprehensive runtime integrity checker, preventing hacking, subversion, malware, and other forms of attack from influencing app operations.
  • Obfuscation masks app operations so that hackers cannot understand the app or its logic. Obfuscation is useful for protecting jailbreak detection and other critical functions from reverse engineering.
  • Authentication enables applications to validate the authenticity and integrity of other software and hardware components within and across systems.

VaultIP, delivered as synthesizable Verilog RTL source code, is an embedded security platform that operates independently as a secure element(SE) and/or to fortify a trusted execution environment (TEE) against software attacks.

Metaforic Core Software enables users to build self-defending programs so that deployed instances can protect themselves from hackers, pirates, targeted malware, insider betrayal and even hardware errors. A Metaforic-protected software program constantly checks itself as it runs and can attempt to repair any problems it finds, report problems to various locations, or terminate the execution of the program.

ARC-specific Support Details

INSIDE Secure is working with Synopsys to make their security solutions interoperable with DesignWare® ARC® Processors.

Learn more about how INSIDE Secure and Synopsys work together.