Hillcrest Labs

Hillcrest Labs Hillcrest Labs is a leading global supplier of software, hardware and IP for sensor-enabled consumer electronics and IoT products. Hillcrest’s Freespace® technology transforms human movement into high quality, application-ready information.

Hillcrest’s patented Freespace technology, embodied in its MotionEngine™ line of software products provides ultra-low power sensor processing to enable high accuracy sensing in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Robotics devices as well as always-on sensing in mobile and wearable devices Hillcrest's MotionEngine software packages offer high performance and design flexibility, allowing for deployments to embedded systems and integrating with various operating systems including Android, Android Wear, Windows, Tizen, WebOS, or an RTOS. Furthermore, MotionEngine supports sensors from the leading suppliers to ensure lower costs, flexible implementations and faster time to market.

The MotionEngine software family brings high performance sensor processing to devices across a range of industries. Hillcrest’s offerings are tuned to specific applications and are often combined with sensor hardware to deliver more fully integrated solutions.

Product Lines

Freespace MotionEngine Software is the core of all Hillcrest’s products. The MotionEngine is delivered with application specific features for a variety of consumer electronics products today. Hillcrest offers the following versions of the MotionEngine software:

  • Wearable: High quality activity tracking, gestures and context awareness effortlessly tracks users’ daily activities such as walking, running, and sleeping, and simplifies the user experience with intuitive gesture controls. Unique power reduction algorithms provide always-on sensing without compromising the accuracy, reliability or functionality of a wearable device.
  • Mobile: High performance, low power, and sensor independent motion processing for Smartphones, Tablets and now for VR controllers. Individual sensor data is transformed through advanced calibration and sophisticated sensor fusion into application ready information enabling context awareness, advanced gaming, augmented and virtual reality, and pedestrian navigation applications.
  • Smart TV: High accuracy and intuitive cursor, gesture, and motion gaming for Smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, and motion-controlled peripherals for TV, set-top box or PC platforms. The product of over a decade of research and numerous successful mass market deployments, MotionEngine Smart TV is the highest performing motion solution available for Smart TVs. The MotionEngine Lite solution offers a limited feature set with a small code size that is specifically designed for embedded systems such as RF transceivers.

SH-2 Sensor Hub Software is a complete sensor hub software solution ideal for low power, always-on embedded processors. The SH-2 software includes the high performance sensor fusion and always-on features of the MotionEngine software and is ideal for performance intensive mobile, wearable and IoT applications.

Sensor Nodes and Modules are fully integrated hardware and software solutions that bundle Hillcrest’s proprietary MotionEngine software with industry leading sensors and processors. These products include the BNO070 used for high-precision head tracking in AR glasses and VR headsets as well as controllers and also for high-accuracy navigation in robotics applications, and the FSM-9 which is provided as a module in an optional ruggedize case for the most intensive applications.

ARC-specific Support Details

Hillcrest Labs has ported their Freespace software to the ARC® processor-based DesignWare® Sensor and Control IP Subsystem.

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