Linley Fall Processor Conference 2019

Synopsys at Linley Processor Conference

Join Synopsys at the Linley Processor Conference on October 23-24, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, CA. This two-day conference features technical presentations on AI applications, embedded, data center, automotive, IoT, and communications.

Synopsys Presentation 

A New Generation of Advanced AI/Floating-Point DSPs

Graham Wilson, Product Marketing Manager, ARC Processors

Digital signal processors (DSPs) have evolved over decades to meet changing computation requirements. Today's algorithms need AI processing, vector floating point, and standard DSP vector operations. To support the intensive computation requirements of automotive ADAS, wireless communications, and high-end IoT applications, modern DSPs must have multiple vector pipelines customized for algorithms that utilize AI and floating point. This presentation will describe how this type of DSP can offer a higher level of computation for a variety of applications.

Partner Presentation

Next-Generation FPGAs for Accelerating Compute, Network, and Storage Workloads

Manoj Roge, Vice President of Strategic Product Planning, Achronix

With exponential growth in unstructured data, there is tremendous pressure to improve the performance and economics of the underlying infrastructure while supporting ever changing workloads. Hyperscalers are changing their architecture from CPU-centric computing to data-centric computing where heterogeneous accelerators play an important role in scaling the performance and TCO goals. Next generation FPGAs will play a vital role in addressing these challenges by increasing compute density, memory bandwidth and data mobility.


Product Demonstrations

Synopsys will also offer product demonstrations during the reception/networking session:

DesignWare ARC EV6x Embedded Vision Processors for Safe Automotive SoCs

This demonstration will show the ARC EV6x processors executing drowsiness detection, object detection, and lane detection for safety-critical automotive applications. The DesignWare ARC EV Processors are fully programmable and configurable IP cores that are optimized for embedded vision applications, combining the flexibility of software solutions with the low cost and low power consumption of hardware. For fast, accurate object detection and recognition, the EV Processors integrate an optional high-performance convolutional neural network (CNN) engine. The EV6x Vision Processor IP with Safety Enhancement Package (SEP) was named "Best Processor" by the Embedded Vision Alliance as part of its annual Vision Products of the Year Award program.


Written Character Recognition using embARC Machine Learning Inferences (MLI) and ARC EM Processors 

This demo highlights building a CNN based application to recognize hand-written characters leveraging a Synopsys ARC EM processor and the embARC MLI library. Characters drawn on the screen will be passed to an EMNIST based neural network, which recognizes and displays the character on the screen along with the confidence value.