ARC Processor Videos

Secure Your IoT Device with Ultra-Low Power ARC Processors

Learn how DesignWare ARC Processors help secure your IoT design without an extra security core, keeping area and power consumption to a minimum.

Featured MetaWare Tools How-To Video: Starting and Configuring the Debugger

Learn techniques to start the MetaWare MDB Debugger and then see how to configure the debugger for a number of different targets.
Synopsys, Inc.

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IoT Always-on Demonstration using the DesignWare® Smart Data Fusion IP Subsystem

This demonstration shows always-on functions including 9D sensor fusion and voice activation, gesture recognition and face detection to control MP3 playback. The demo platform includes a silicon-based MCU with an integrated ARC® EM5D-based Smart Data Fusion Subsystem and 2 megabytes of MONOS embedded flash. 
Rich Collins, Product Marketing Manager, DesignWare Sensor IP Subsystem, Synopsys

Synopsys ARC EM DSP Processors for Low-Power Embedded Systems

Learn about Synopsys' DesignWare® ARC® EM DSP Family, consisting of the ARC EM5D, EM7D, EM9D, and EM11D processors that are specifically designed for ultra-low power embedded DSP applications. The processors are ideally suited for DSP-intensive functions such as sensor fusion, voice detection, speech recognition and audio processing that are common in Internet of Things (IoT) and other embedded applications.
Angela Raucher, Product Line Manager, ARC EM Processors, Synopsys

embARC Open Software Platform Accelerates Development of ARC Processor-based Embedded Systems

Learn about Synopsys’ embARC Open Software Platform, an easily accessible and productive solution for developing ARC processor-based embedded software. It gives software developers online access to a comprehensive suite of free and open-source software that eases the development of code for IoT and other embedded applications. Device drivers, operating systems and middleware ported to and optimized for ARC processors are available for download free of cost from the website.
Allen Watson, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys


Getting Started with MetaWare on the ARC EM Starter Kit

See how quickly and easily you can get ARC® MetaWare software up and running on the DesignWare® ARC EM Starter Kit for immediate productivity. Ready to use out-of-the-box, the EM Starter Kit will allow you begin writing code for your design right away. The MetaWare Development Toolkit contains all the components you need to develop, debug and optimize your embedded applications.
Raza Malik, CAE, Synopsys

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Synopsys Launches DesignWare ARC Software Development Platforms

Learn how Synopsys’ new DesignWare® ARC® Software Development Platforms help designers accelerate software development for their ARC processor-based designs. These ready-to-use, integrated hardware and software platforms provide software developers an out-of-the-box solution that incorporates the hardware and software needed to significantly accelerate the code development, including silicon-proven ARC processors, peripheral I/O, operating systems and drivers, all on a single, integrated platform. 
Allen Watson, Product Marketing Manager, ARC Tools, Synopsys 

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9D Sensor Fusion Demonstration Featuring DesignWare Sensor IP Subsystem

See Synopsys’ 9D sensor fusion demo that calculates motion orientation using three independent 3-axis sensors. The 9D sensor fusion hardware and software demo platform is based on Synopsys' DesignWare ARC EM Starter Kit and consists of the ARC EM processor, filtering and math accelerators, and interfaces such as UART, SPI, I2C and GPIO.
Rich Collins, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

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Introducing the DesignWare Sensor Subsystem

Learn how the complete DesignWare Sensor IP Subsystem consisting of integrated and pre-verified hardware and software enable rapid integration of sensor functionality into SoCs. 
Rich Collins, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

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New DesignWare ARC HS Processors for Next-Generation Embedded Systems

Learn about Synopsys' DesignWare ARC HS Processors, a new family of 32-bit high-speed, low-power processors optimized for power efficiency (DMIPS/mW) and area efficiency (DMIPS/mm2). These processors are ideally suited for embedded and deeply embedded applications with high speed data and signal processing requirements, including solid-state drives, connected appliances, automotive controllers, media players, digital TV, set-top boxes and home networking products.
Mike Thompson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

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Industry’s First Complete Audio IP Subsystem

Learn how the pre-integrated, configurable DesignWare® SoundWave Audio Subsystem helps you achieve great audio with a complete, SoC-ready subsystem solution. Also, join us in the Synopsys Sound Room, where we test our high-definition audio solutions, to see the SoundWave Audio Subsystem in action using a HAPS® FPGA-Based Prototyping System.
Henk Hamoen, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

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