ARC Processors 20 Years of Inspiration, See What's Next...

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Designing Next-Generation Flash Storage Solutions with Configurable and Extensible Processors

Improve performance and reduce power consumption for your storage applications with Synopsys’ DesignWare® ARC® HS processors.

ARC HS Processors implement a Harvard architecture for higher performance through simultaneous instruction and data memory access, and a high-speed scalar pipeline for maximum power efficiency. Using patented configuration technology, you can tailor each instance of the HS processor to meet specific performance, power and area requirements. ARC processors are also extensible, enabling you to differentiate your SSD by add your own custom instructions to further increase performance.

Get the ARC Advantage in Your Next SoC

  • 20 years of processors delivering best-in-class performance efficiency and code density
  • 2nd most pervasive processor IP with more than 1.7 billion ARC-based chips shipping annually
  • Configurable and extensible architecture enables highly optimized implementations
  • Application-specific options for security/cryptography, sensor fusion and safety
  • Comprehensive development toolchains built on leading compiler and debugger technologies
  • Broad ecosystem of commercial and open-source tools, operating systems and middleware including embARC Open Software Platform

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