Build Your Security IP Expertise

We've collected the best Security IP webinars, videos, and white papers in one place to help you enhance your knowledge about the latest standards, certifications, and practices. Whether your chip design includes artificial intelligence capabilities, targets next-generation cars, or enables massive data in the cloud, the DesignWare Security IP University resources will help you protect the data that passes through your SoC.




Security 101 for Artificial Intelligence SoCs

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision are now commonly used for biometrics, surveillance, automotive, healthcare and other sensitive applications. As they emerge, hackers wonder: How can I take control? Cybersecurity chips on a board can’t protect against every attack, and relying on system-level security can lock you out of markets with stringent requirements. This presentation will provide case studies of attacks that could have been prevented with SoC-level security, and it will describe the direction that attacks are taking. It will describe the assets that different types of AI systems handle and how to set appropriate security levels. Finally, it will provide options for SoC designers to consider to mitigate threats, protect user information, and defend company liability.



Configure, Confirm, Ship: Build Secure Processor-Based Systems with Faster Time-to-Market
Processor designers implement security functionality directly into the hardware to protect the system at its most fundamental layer. System integrators that use processor IP must ensure that they configure and manage the protection and security features correctly, and that they do not introduce vulnerabilities. Evaluating the security of complex hardware-software systems and ensuring these systems are free from vulnerabilities is hard. In this white paper, we show how Tortuga Logic’s Radix-S security verification platform with Synopsys’ ARC Processor IP offer a powerful solution for this complex problem. 

Securing the Mobile IoT: Industry Report
As an industry, we must provide IoT solutions, such as secure iSIM, that are simple and keep consumers--and their data--secure. The mobile IoT is the next frontier in the connected device market, providing out-of-the-box connectivity with security from silicon up.

In this report, Synopsys and Truphone will answer crucial concerns around security, simplicity and reliable connectivity to help you create a truly scalable solution for secure mobile IoT deployments around the world.