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We've collected the best Foundation IP webinars, videos, and white papers in one place to help you enhance your knowledge about the latest practices and research. Whether your chip design includes artificial intelligence capabilities, targets next-generation cars, or enables massive data in the cloud, the DesignWare Foundation IP University resources will help you create the low-power, high-performance SoC your market needs.




Automotive-Qualified IP for Evolving Integrated ADAS Domain Controller SoCs

In this presentation, our Automotive IP expert explains today's ADAS SoC market trends, the different IP blocks that designers are incorporating into such SoCs, and functional safety and reliability requirements that apply to IP and SoCs for ADAS applications.


Neuromorphic Computing Drives the Landscape of Emerging Memories for Artificial Intelligence SoCs
The pace of deep machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world of computing at all levels of hardware architecture, software, chip manufacturing, and system packaging. Designers can take advantage of new techniques that rely on intensive computing and massive amounts of distributed memory to offer new, powerful compute capabilities.

Securing Smart Connected Homes with OTP NVM IP 
The market for piracy is huge and hackers have become increasingly sophisticated even when security is implemented in hardware. The race between the aggressors and protectors is a battle without end. Smart connected home devices are increasingly storing and processing very sensitive and private user data in addition to attempting to deliver copyright protected content from service providers. Protecting consumer data is vital.

The Basics of Foundation IP for Automotive ICs
This white paper provides a broad overview of requirements that must be considered in order to design and manufacture integrated circuits (ICs) for the automotive sector. It looks specifically at the standards that apply to Foundation IP - logic libraries, embedded memories, and memory built-in self-test (BIST) - for different automotive IC functions and how reliability grades affect IP selection and implementation risk.