DesignWare IP for Micro Servers


Micro servers have the ability to significantly reduce power through integration of server motherboard functions particularly for common tasks such as web servers, search engines, on-line transactions, and video-on-demand. Innovation in low-power servers will be one of the drivers of growth in the overall IP market over the next few years. 

Micro server system-on-chip designs involve challenges such as determining trade-offs between low power vs. high performance operation; need for cache coherency; integrating high bandwidth interconnects that are scalable to many cores; implementing heterogeneous processing HW accelerators; addressing Reliability-Availability-Serviceability (RAS); and incorporating technology that is portable to future design processes. Network access to a high performance fabric such as Ethernet along with I/O expansion using PCI Express root ports and devices supporting single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) is critical for data center server virtualization. 

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