DesignWare USB4 IP

Industry's First Complete USB4 IP Solution

The DesignWare USB4 IP solution is based on the USB4 specification from the USB Implementer Forum (USB-IF). DesignWare USB4 IP supports the features in the USB4 specification with controllers, routers, PHYs, and verification IP.

Are you ready for USB4? The DesignWare USB4 IP supports multiple high-speed interface protocols, including USB4, DisplayPort 1.4a TX, PCI Express, and Thunderbolt 3 for efficient data transfer and simultaneous delivery of data, power, and high-resolution video through a single USB Type-C cable. New USB4 router IP, required within the USB4 specification, tunnels USB, PCIe, and DisplayPort protocol traffic while optimizing bandwidth. Together, the IP offers throughput of up to 20 or 40 Gbps, delivering the required bandwidth for high-performance edge AI, storage, PC, and tablet SoC designs.

The new DesignWare USB4 IP is designed to meet the functionality, power, performance, and area requirements of a broad range of storage, PC, and tablet SoC designs as well as software development debug and easy deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) applications at the edge. 

The IP supports USB4 Type-C connectivity, which simplifies users’ USB connection with reversible plug orientation and cable direction, and bi-directional power. The DesignWare USB4 IP also supports features required for the USB Audio Device Class 3.0 specification to enable USB audio over Type-C connections.

As the leading provider of USB IP for nearly two decades, Synopsys enables designers to lower the risk and adoption barrier of integrating USB4 functionality into their SoCs. 

Industry’s First USB4 Silicon Success

Product Update: New USB4 IP Solution