Embedded World 2020

Nuremberg, Germany
Exhibition Centre Nuremberg
Exhibit dates: 25 February - 27 February 2020
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Embedded systems are revolutionizing our way of life. In automotive, industrial, consumer, and many other products, Synopsys enables electronic companies to innovate and deliver market-leading products, from silicon to software. At Embedded World 2020, Synopsys will offer insights on using DesignWare® IP in conference presentations: 

Wednesday, Feb 26 10:30-11:00

Adding Differentiating Value, Reduce Implementation Time – A Fast Track for Integration of New Protocols/Standards (Session 10.4 I: SoC IV – System Technology I)

Ralph Grundler, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

Designers are increasingly incorporating third-party standards-based IP in their designs but are facing several challenges. With the increasing number of IPs included and with each becoming more complex to address market demands, the effort to integrate is taking much longer; while project schedules are getting shorter. Companies are spending time on integration effort rather than on product differentiation. This presentation, in the context of actual uses of IPs such as I3C, embedded PCIe and USB, will cover the benefits of implementing a custom IP subsystem, composed of pre-designed subsystem architectures, blocks, and test-benches, and verified in the context of the SoC. Also, address prototyping challenges to quickly gain functional know-how. This type of customized interface IP subsystem provides extra functionality and value over simply integrating a PHY and controller, while reducing overall cost, design time, and effort with a clear pathway to prototyping and demos.


Thursday, Feb 27 | 12:00-12:30

Protect the Worldwide IoT with iSIM IP & Managed Services (Session 2.4: Connectivity V – Cellular Communication)

Dana Neustadter, Security IP Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

While Wi-Fi provides some level of consumer ease of use and security for IoT devices, network technologies like 5G, NB-IoT and LTE-M are the next step. With cellular connectivity, products can work straight out of the box by connecting automatically to the local network. To create network agnostic and secure devices, manufacturers need to adopt a security-by-design mindset, protecting both their products and their customers’ data from the silicon up. This presentation describes the current IoT landscape. It explains how the evolution from embedded SIM (eSIM) to integrated SIM (iSIM) can increase your IoT product’s total available market and improve its security. Finally, it gives examples of integrated security IP solutions that help protect IoT product data, from silicon to remote provisioning.


Thursday, Feb 27 | 4:00-4:30

Security 101 for Embedded Vision SoCs (Session 7.1 II: Embedded Vision II)

Mike Borza, Security IP Technologist, Synopsys

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and embedded vision are now commonly used for biometrics, surveillance, automotive, healthcare and other sensitive applications. As they emerge, hackers wonder: How can I take control? Cybersecurity chips on a board can’t protect against every attack, and relying on system-level security can lock you out of markets with stringent requirements. This presentation will provide case studies of attacks that could have been prevented with SoC-level security, and it will describe the direction that attacks are taking. It will describe the assets that different types of EV and AI systems handle and how to set appropriate security levels. Finally, it will provide options for SoC designers to consider to mitigate threats, protect user information, and defend company liability.

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