Employee Benefits & Internship Opportunities

Synopsys Armenia Employment Benefits

Synopsys Armenia provides its employees with a number of benefits including the following:

  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance: Synopsys Armenia provides Medical Insurance for its employees and their immediate family members (including parents)
  • Local incentive plan and other comprehensive bonus programs
  • Computer donation program
  • Paid sick days (5 days per calendar year)
  • Management and Specialized technical training
  • English language training (in cooperation with top-tier centers in Yerevan)
  • Career development opportunities
  • Cafeteria service: offers meals at low prices
  • High-tech and professionally designed office environment

Internship Opportunities

Synopsys Armenia is committed to supporting the Synopsys Armenia Educational Program students’ career development and personal growth in Synopsys Armenia. Thus, students from Synopsys Armenia Educational Program are considered to be the first priority applicant pool for hiring Interns for all business groups.

Internship openings are normally not posted externally and the candidates for securing Internship positions are selected from Synopsys Armenia Educational program students based on their academic achievements and professors’ recommendations.

Synopsys Armenia signs employment agreements with Interns for the period of one academic term (normally 6 months) which can be prolonged for another academic term based on the Intern’s performance and actual business need. Interns normally work part-time and are qualified for all benefits required by Armenia Labor Legislation but they are not qualified for additional Synopsys benefits.

Synopsys Armenia Interns are also considered to be first priority candidates for hiring entry-level staff. For such cases, Interns are evaluated against the same objective criteria as external candidates and complete the same interviewing process.

Our Internship program is an excellent opportunity for students to acquire their first working experience in a professional, friendly and motivating environment which is a great opportunity to start their future professional career.