Intern Culture

Like our co-CEO, Aart de Geus, says: “The reason that this job is great is because of the people. It's all about the people.”

Our mission is to achieve a culture of inclusion and to attract, embrace, and fully leverage diversity. As our efforts and presence grow, we aspire to be known as a diversity employer of choice for women and underrepresented minorities. We have set goals to increase our representation of these groups, and to scale our initiative through increased participation, accountability, and awareness. You can read more about our commitment to diversity here.

We want to have fun, work hard, and make a difference in our communities. Synopsys is committed to making a positive impact by implementing worldwide philanthropic strategies that strengthen local communities, encourage intern engagement, and inspire a new generation of leaders. We leverage the creative energy of interns to make a positive difference and respond to local needs.

Ultimately, life at Synopsys is characterized by our core values.

Integrity is doing the right thing.

Execution Excellence is doing the right things right.

Leadership is finding the right things to do.

Passion is the engine that drives us all.

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