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There exists an underlying tendency in the geek world to be skeptical about social media, especially about its role in anything serious or substantial. Perhaps that is only natural, given that your average geek has fine-tuned analytical abilities and antennae that are always up to detect snake oil. And yet nobody, not even the geekiest geek, can afford to ignore the opportunity and the power that lies in deploying social media for marketing technology, both to geeks and to the rest of the world.


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You can purchase a copy of the Social Media Geek-to-Geek through or Synopsys Press, or you can order a copy through any bookstore. o You can purchase copies of the book through or Synopsys Press, or you can order it through any bookstore (ISBN: 978-1617300073).


In Social Media Geek-to-Geek, authors Rick Jamison and Kathy Schmidt Jamison explore the increasingly vital role that social media plays in technology marketing efforts. They lucidly share how you, in a tech marketing strategy, analysis or implementation role, can harness its energy for your company. Peppered with actionable wisdom from start to finish, this enlightening book kicks off by highlighting a truism that is often overlooked--the fact that social media has been made possible purely by geek innovation. Geeks have created this unique, powerful medium of communication just as they have created and enabled every digitally-based form of creative expression that makes social media interesting, engaging and popular.

Geeks are nothing if not smart. So they can quickly be brought to appreciate the value of anything that can assist them in creative technical problem-solving, in building a robust perspective of the big picture, or in finding a more interesting place or team or set of problems to work with. And that is exactly what social media is; a tool that no technology marketer, geek or non-geek, can afford to be without. In this connected age nobody--geeks least of all--can afford to overlook the galvanizing capabilities of social media, all made possible by geek abilities, intelligence and insight.

Entertaining and informative, the authors of Social Media Geek-to-Geek very rightly point out that there is no rulebook or manual or IT department for social media. But the incisive and handy volume they have put together surely comes close to filling that gap.


By day, Rick Jamison, principal at Schmidt-Jamison Communications, is disguised as a mild-mannered corporate communications contractor. But at sundown, he reveals his real superpowers as author and cartoonist. Part illustrator, part subject clarifier, and part Big Business underbelly tickler, his words and cartoons enlighten, enliven, enrich, entertain—and, from time to time, even educate.

Kathy Schmidt Jamison is Director of Strategic Communications at Synopsys where she reports directly to the Chairman and CEO. Creator of boardroom thinking models and executive presentations, Kathy’s background as a speechwriter, professional speaker, trainer, humorist and blogger makes her a uniquely well-equipped communications collaborator in a highly technical world.

The Buzz

“Geeks have a unique culture and live by different rules – so, if you want to reach them successfully through social media, you need this book. Rick and Kathy tapped their real-world tested experience to fill this book with advice that you can put to use immediately.”
– Charlene Li, Author, “Open Leadership” and Founder, Altimeter Group

“Social Media Geek-to-Geek is a group resource for technologists who use social media to communicate and share real-time information. In our business environment, where transparency and relevancy rules it’s the perfect time to equip geeks alike to join the conversation and have fun!”
– Michael Brito, VP, Social Media, Edelman Digital

“We’ve certainly seen a level of mistrust among the hard-minded business pros–and geeks–who find it hard to believe the hype from all the self-professed social media gurus, ninjas and bandwagoneers. That’s why Social Media Geek-to-Geek is so timely. Talking G2G provides a practical roadmap for an audience who is well-equipped to move their interests forward through social marketing. And with this focused approach, the book also enables what we believe to be on of the most important factors in social media success: Make it your own.”
– Jeff Loomis, Chairman + CED, Loomis Group

“A fresh view, based on up-to-date marketing experience, and particularly welcome at a time when the ground rules are changing so quickly.”
– Andres Betts, Technical Sales and Marketing Consultant, Iconda Solutions