Synopsys Insight Newsletter

Synopsys Insight Newsletter

Insights from Silicon to Software™

Synopsys Insight is a quarterly publication focused on providing hardware designers, software developers, and management with practical information to help them develop smart, secure everything from silicon to software.

We aim to publish informative articles about how our customers are innovating new markets and the latest Synopsys products and services companies can employ to lead markets. 

This issue of Synopsys Insight kicks off with a customer spotlight covering a recent Synopsys IC Compiler™ II Technology Symposium keynote by Movidius’ vice president of marketing describing how Movidius is innovating in the emerging smart vision and machine intelligence markets with their impressive Myriad 2 vision processing unit. The issue includes a number of market analysis articles on ways to address FinFET and smart design as well as includes in-depth how-to and methodology articles. 

Issue 2 - 2016


  • Movidius Keynotes IC Compiler II Technology Symposium With Vision of Smart, Connected Machines and Networks



  • Verify Software Bring-Up on Your IC Design Before Sending it to the Fab
  • How to Create a Testbench With VC Verification IP and UVM in 5 Steps

Physical Design

  • Addressing Physical Design Challenges in the Age of FinFET and Smarter Design
  • Multi-Level Physical Hierarchy Floorplanning vs Two-level Floorplanning


  • IP for the Era of FinFET and Smarter Design
  • From Silicon to Software: A Quick Guide to Securing IoT Edge Devices


  • Software Is Everywhere – And So Are the Vulnerabilities
  • Agile Development for Application Security Managers