Synopsys Hosts 30 Sunnyvale Middle School Students for Job Shadow Day

On May 31st, 30 enthusiastic students from Sunnyvale Middle School carpooled with parent chaperones for a school field trip. Destination: Synopsys Inc. for Job Shadow Day, a Junior Achievement (JA) program designed to expose students to a variety of jobs and the requirements needed to obtain them. Synopsys employees greeted the students upon arrival and whisked them off for an introduction to the World of Chips, a presentation designed to help people without technical backgrounds understand EDA and its vital role in technology today.

Student Presenting
Student working on computer

After learning about what Synopsys does, the students got a sneak peek at the security system and cameras Synopsys uses to monitor its global offices. They were then introduced to employees from various functions who educated them on the different types of people, skills and backgrounds required to run a leading global EDA company. The students learned about marketing, sales, finance, business development, engineering and IT. Each of the volunteers discussed what they do on a daily basis and the skill set required to perform that function. Then the volunteers shared their own experiences with education and jobs they held before joining Synopsys. This helped the students realize they can work in many companies, roles and industries, even if they are not experts in the field.

Student in classroom
Student holding project

“Our 8th graders from Sunnyvale Middle School thoroughly enjoyed their day at Synopsys with their mentors. They learned the value of education and how it applies in the corporate world,” shared Principal Sue Kranich of Sunnyvale Middle School.

When asked why having companies participate in job shadows is so important, District Manager of JA Silicon Valley Jennifer Mendoza said, “Job shadows provide students with experiential knowledge of the business world, while providing an in-depth understanding of what 21st century jobs are like. At a time when eight out of 10 jobs will require more than a high school diploma, job shadows like the one at Synopsys help students understand the importance of being both college ready and career ready. JA job shadows introduce students to 21st century skills, such as teamwork, problem solving and technology skills. Synopsys leads by example, as the selection of speakers and mentors educate 8th grade students about high-demand and high-growth industries in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).”

JA prepares young people for life through money management, workplace entrepreneurship and building communities through value-adding practices. Students can participate as early as kindergarten, where they begin to work on basic business and economics—themes that continue through the end of elementary school. The middle school program is focused on assisting teens make decisions to best develop their educational and professional portfolios for future professional endeavors. The high school program fosters well-informed students through assistance in intelligent decision making and other skills necessary for success in the business world.

Job Shadow Day enables students to better understand career opportunities in technology and the requirements necessary to work at a technology company like Synopsys. In addition to Job Shadow Days at headquarters, Synopsys Ireland also partners with Junior Achievement for mentoring programs and provides financial support. Read more about how Synopsys and Junior Achievement Ireland are “Inspiring Young Minds”.

Synopsys is committed to inspiring a new generation of technology leaders, and Job Shadow Day is just one example of the company’s dedication to furthering education and promoting STEM education to students of all ages.