Synopsys Continues Performance Leadership with Latest Release of Signoff Solutions

The latest releases of Synopsys’ industry gold-standard signoff solutions, the PrimeTime® ADV advanced timing analysis and StarRC Ultra™ parasitic extraction tools, are now available. The latest 2013.12 releases deliver faster performance and physically aware innovations that enable digital IC designers to cut their timing closure cycle by more than half.

Efficient utilization of a customer’s evolving compute farm environment is a key focus in the development of signoff capabilities. New architectural advancements in both the StarRC and PrimeTime core engines enable multi-core scalability of 12X with 16 cores, a common configuration in compute farms today. With these developments, PrimeTime ADV is able to process up to 60 million paths per hour on 16 cores, over 3X faster than claims from other solutions and with half the compute resources.

In addition, StarRC Ultra’s simultaneous multi-corner extraction (SMC) technology allows IC designers to extract parasitics across multiple process and temperature corners in a single run. This eliminates redundant data processing and achieves up to 3X faster runtime while maintaining signoff accuracy. The combination of SMC with greater multi-core scalability allows designers to speed the effort to get to timing analysis while improving compute farm efficiency.

In the 2013.12 release, PrimeTime ADV’s widely deployed signoff-driven ECO guidance benefits from a 2X speed up, as well as advanced physically aware links with Synopsys’ IC Compiler physical implementation solution to handle complex multi-voltage, low power designs. Physically aware ECO technology delivers high quality of results by deploying routing and density-aware fixing techniques for the most challenging timing violations. In addition, it seamlessly works with PrimeTime’s HyperScale technology, the next-generation hierarchical timing analysis, to provide up to a 10X productivity boost in timing closure.

“Designers need to continually push for increased productivity on a tight schedule, and they look for high-quality support from their EDA partners to help achieve these goals,” said Robert Hoogenstryd, senior director of marketing for design analysis and signoff at Synopsys. “The latest releases of PrimeTime ADV and StarRC Ultra mark another milestone in Synopsys’ signoff leadership, empowering our customers with optimal performance and providing innovative solutions to make design teams more productive.”

Customers can download PrimeTime ADV and StarRC Ultra versions 2013.12 from the Synopsys website using their SolvNet® account or contact their Synopsys sales or applications consultant representatives to download the new versions.

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