Synopsys Celebrates a Quarter-Century of Innovation

The year 1986 saw a number of noteworthy, even monumental, events. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame held its first annual induction of influential artists. British surgeons performed the first triple organ transplant. The Soviets launched the Mir space station. In the world of high technology, Intel rolled out the 80386 microprocessor, IBM unveiled the first laptop computer… and Synopsys was born.

In the 25 years since its inception - December 18, 2011, marked the official anniversary — Synopsys has become synonymous with technology leadership, customer service excellence and integrity. The company has continued to expand its portfolio by investing in innovative solutions, whether developed internally or through strategic acquisition. In its first five years alone, Synopsys introduced such cornerstone products as Design Compiler and HDL Compiler, established relationships with more than 30 of the world's leading chipmakers, and grew annual revenues to $22 million.

Early Growth
The next decade, from 1991 to 2000, was a time of massive growth for Synopsys, as the world of EDA rapidly broadened beyond synthesis and front-end design to encompass higher levels of abstraction and the ever-expanding realm of semiconductor intellectual property (IP). By 2000, annual revenues had jumped to $784 million, long standing strategic partnerships had been established with the leading foundries and FPGA providers, and Synopsys had acquired several early EDA point tool providers. Among the more than two dozen key products added to Synopsys offerings in that time were DesignWare Libraries and Verification IP, DFT Compiler, DC Expert, PrimeTime, Formality, VCS, PathMill, and TetraMAX. The Synopsys Users' Group (SNUG) was also established, with conferences held in Silicon Valley, Europe and Japan.

During this period, Synopsys also launched efforts beyond technology development that proved vital to the growth of the industry, and which the company continues to lead and champion. These efforts include supporting industry standards, encouraging the next generation of engineers through Synopsys' university program (est. 1996) and giving back to local communities through the Synopsys Outreach Foundation (est. 1999).

Moving into the homestretch of Synopsys' first 25 years, the company really hit its stride. Between 2001 and 2011, Synopsys furthered its technology leadership by expanding beyond core EDA. The addition of new technology during that time helped Synopsys address the FPGA market, deliver manufacturing awareness early in the design cycle, and offer state-of-the-art simulation and modeling capabilities. Synopsys also solidified its system-level strategy, and continued to build its IP portfolio, establishing itself as the world's No. 2 provider of semiconductor IP overall and the No. 1 provider of connectivity IP.

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Synopsys Today

Synopsys' annual revenues exceed $1.5 billion, and its global employee base is more than 7,000.

Today, Synopsys' annual revenues exceed $1.5 billion, and its global employee base is more than 7,000. Synopsys' comprehensive, integrated product portfolio includes system-level, IP, implementation, verification, manufacturing, optical and FPGA solutions that help the world's global design community address key challenges such as power and yield management, system-to-silicon verification and time-to-results. Major product families include: Galaxy™ Design Platform, Discovery™ Verification Platform, and FPGA-Based Prototyping, hardware-based verification, design-for-manufacturing, TCAD, DesignWare® IP, FPGA implementation solutions, System-level Design solutions, and optical-system design and analysis solutions.

Community Presence

In addition to its technology leadership, Synopsys has firmly established itself as a solid corporate and community citizen by offering regular community volunteer opportunities, matching gifts for U.S. employees, corporate grants, and promoting a culture that gives back to communities around the world. Of Synopsys' more than 70 locations worldwide, at least 40 participate in local community activities. Through the support of the Synopsys Outreach Foundation, more than 100,000 students a year participate in local science fairs and education programs throughout California.

In today's era of the 'Internet of things,' the pervasive sharing of information requires chips and systems that can manage and optimize the continuous streams of data being exchanged. Synopsys is ideally positioned – with its broad software, IP and services offering – to help enable its global customers to continue developing innovative new products and applications that push the boundaries of our increasingly interconnected world. At the same time, through its community outreach and education programs, Synopsys hopes to imbue its passion for innovation in the next generation of leaders.