Accelerating Innovation in Microelectronics - Dr. Ben U Awarded Scientific Chinese of the Year 2012

Steve Jobs once said, "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." Understanding that innovative minds can push technology and improve customer experiences, Synopsys encourages its employees to accelerate innovation in order to drive the cutting edge of technology and continue to lead in EDA.

Ben U Seng Pan, Ph.D., is one of Synopsys’ innovative leaders. He is a senior manager of Analog Design and the site manager for Synopsys Macau. Recognizing his outstanding research and contributions to microelectronics, the Chinese government recently awarded Dr. U with the prestigious title of "Scientific Chinese of the Year 2012" in the Information Technology and Electronics category. Since 2002, the China Association for Science and Technology has conferred this prestigious title on scientists who are dedicated to scientific research, who dare to innovate, who have achieved major breakthroughs in their research, and who have significant impact on the advancement of science and technology while making outstanding contributions to technology transfer in China. The selection criteria include influence, creativity, potential for technology transfer, and sense of responsibility.

At a ceremony in Beijing on June 22, 2013, 136 of the 400 nominees were awarded the title "Scientific Chinese of the Year 2012" across 16 categories. Dr. U spoke on behalf of the 10 winners in the Information Technology and Electronics category. In receiving this honor, Dr. U joins many other well-known academicians and leading technologists, including Liu Yunjie, member of the Academy of Engineering, considered the "father of the Internet" in China and named one of Time magazine’s top 50 most influential people in IT.

During an award ceremony in June 2013, Dr. U gave an acceptance speech on behalf of the Scientific Chinese– Information Technology and Electronics category winners

During an award ceremony in June 2013, Dr. U gave an acceptance speech on behalf of the Scientific Chinese– Information Technology and Electronics category winners

Dr. U co-founded Chipidea Microelectronics in Macau in 2001, which today is Synopsys Macau. He and his team are committed to research and development of analog/mixed-signal IP for popular consumer products. Dr. U is pleased to be a part of Synopsys. "Our leading technologies and comprehensive IP product portfolio, in addition to our tier-1 customer base, have inspired and motivated me to pursue cutting-edge research in connection with future market trends," he said.

When asked about the award, Dr. U commented on how the recognition has encouraged him to keep working hard. Furthermore, he hopes the visibility from the award will inspire even higher confidence in Synopsys by customers in the high-growth region of China.

Dr. U is the first "Scientific Chinese of the Year" from the University of Macau (UM), where, in addition to his role at Synopsys, he teaches in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. In addition to teaching, Dr. U leads a research team of faculty and students at UM. His team has contributed more than 150 papers, has several U.S. patents, and has won more than 10 other awards and prizes. He looks forward to future analog/mixed-signal research, particularly new nanometer-era design and verification methodology requirements that arise from advanced technology evolutions and new worldwide "smart," "green IT" and electronics technologies.

Synopsys congratulates Dr. U on receiving this prestigious title and looks forward to his continued excellence in research for microelectronics and analog/mixed-signal design!