“Just One Tree” To Make Yerevan Greener

On May 16, 2013 Synopsys Armenia announced the launch of a new initiative, “Just One Tree” inviting ICT companies operating in Armenia to plant just one tree for each employee as part of their corporate social responsibility program. The trees planted today will beautify Yerevan’s landscape and make the environment healthier, serving as “new lungs” for the city to breathe for years to come. The trees will serve as a long-lasting legacy for everybody who participates in “Just One Tree.”

The initiative is open to all. It is unique because every company, regardless of size or financial standing can fully contribute. The “Just One Tree” principle asks each participating company to plant one tree for each employee, so both small and large ICT companies can help in the reforestation of Yerevan. A large company like Synopsys might plant hundreds of trees, and a small startup might plant only a few trees. Both are contributing fully.

“The'Just One Tree' initiative will make a significant positive and visible impact on Yerevan’s urban forest, which was unfortunately sacrificed during the first difficult years of independence,” said Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Synopsys and CEO of Synopsys Armenia Rich Goldman. “Yerevan will have an urban forest, and it will benefit residents for generations to come. It will leave a visible legacy for every company and person who participates, as they will be able to see the tree that they personally planted grow each year, along with the growth of Armenia’s economy. Planting one tree for each employee was Synopsys’ initial corporate social responsibility action in Armenia. It has become a treasured annual tradition, as employees and their families come out every year to plant a tree. They have found that they can benefit their community and have fun while doing it. They enjoy being able to see the fruits of their labor year after year as they visit their trees and see how they have grown. 'Just One Tree' will leave a large and lasting positive impact on Yerevan.”

“The municipality is joining this initiative, which is part of Synopsys’ corporate social responsibility program, and stands ready to assist the activities within the limits of its authority. It is everyone's wish to see our city more green and cleaner. The project is based on increasing green areas, creating new gardens, recovering parks, and in the coming years, all of us together will implement large-scale projects. We also plan reforestation projects in Armenia. The 'Just One Tree' initiative will become an integral part of this program," said Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan.

“Years will pass, and if we retain an idea in our conscious minds that each of us should plant a single tree in Yerevan, our beloved city will turn into a green town. Today we have ICT companies joining us, I'm sure tomorrow other companies will join us, and so forth. Let’s make our city green and clean,” said Synopsys Armenia Director Hovik Musayelyan.

"It is a great initiative and it contributes to uniting the ICT sector. The sector now employs 12,000 people, and I hope that most of them will welcome this initiative, and we will have our contribution to making our environment a cleaner and better place," said Executive Director of Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) of Armenia Karen Vardanyan.

Anticipating success in the ITC sector, the initiative plans to expand further next year, inviting all companies to join the cause of planting just one tree for each employee, having a positive impact in the community where their employees live and work. The president of one of such organizations, Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia Arsen Ghazaryan mentioned, “The Board of the Union has already made a decision to join the initiative this year.”

“Just One Tree” To Make Yerevan Greener

About Synopsys, Inc. and Synopsys Armenia CJSC
Synopsys, Inc. accelerates innovation in the global electronics market. As a leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor IP, its software, IP and services help engineers address their design, verification, system and manufacturing challenges. Since 1986, engineers around the world have been using Synopsys technology to design and create billions of chips and systems. Synopsys established a presence in Armenia in 2004 as Synopsys Armenia closed joint stock company (CJSC). Synopsys Armenia CJSC provides R&D and product support in EDA, design for manufacturing (DFM) and the development of semiconductor intellectual property (IP). Employing several hundred qualified Armenian engineers, Synopsys is one of largest IT employers in Armenia. To encourage the highest levels of accomplishment for students in IT, the company sponsors awards and competitions such as the Annual Educational Awards of the Republic of Armenia (RA) President, and the Annual International Microelectronics Olympiad of Armenia. Synopsys Armenia is also the initiator of the Global IT Award of the RA President, as well as “Best IT Managers” Award. Synopsys Armenia’s investment in the community reaches well beyond IT. In 2010, Synopsys in Armenia was recognized as one of 12 finalists for the U.S. Secretary of State’s annual Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE), citing the company’s technology and financial leadership as well as its charity work and volunteer activities. Synopsys Armenia CJSC is located in Yerevan. Synopsys, Inc. is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has approximately 70 offices located throughout North America, Europe, Japan, Asia and India. Visit Synopsys, Inc. and Synopsys Armenia online at www.synopsys.com and www.synopsys.am.

About “Just One Tree” initiative
Launched in May 2013, “Just One Tree” is an initiative open to all companies operating in Armenia to plant just one tree for each employee they have. The initiative is unique because every company, regardless of size or financial standing can contribute to the reforestation of Armenia and promote a culture of corporate citizenship.

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