First Employee Referral Program Luncheon in Synopsys Armenia

On June 5th, 2013 Synopsys Armenia launched its first Employee Referral Program (ERP) Luncheon event aimed at gathering all participants of the Employee Referral Program and once again accenting on the company’s appreciation and gratitude for their active involvement in recruiting the best talents and minds. The participant list included 30 ERP participants, plus active managers - all in all 44 people. The event started with welcoming and appreciation speeches by the HR manager and Site Leader followed by participants giving HR more CVs and contacts of new referees marking the continuous nature of the Employee Referral Program.

The Events first surprise was when the participants discovered that they are acknowledged by a branded item (thermal coffee mug or a computer backpack both with Synopsys logo).
Throughout the event two lotteries were played and our two ERP participants won an IPAD and a Dinner Invitation for two at a wonderful restaurant “Noyan Tun”.
The event concluded with Thank you speeches from the participants, HR giving away the backpacks and the mugs and collective pictures with presents.
HR received various positive feedbacks from the participants. Some of them include: “We didn’t really expect this event to be so interesting and fun.”
“It was really nice that HR organized this initiative; this makes us feel that we make a difference.”
“The event was organized perfectly, we really enjoyed it.”
“Thanks for sharing with us information and facts about the progress the ERP program has made through the years.”
This was the first time that Synopsys Armenia was organizing such an ERP Luncheon and from now on the event will be organized on annual bases. 

Employee Referral Program (ERP)