Awarding Ceremony for the 2015 Synopsys Armenia Internal Sports Championship

Synopsys continues promoting healthy lifestyle

On December 14, 2015, Synopsys Armenia held its first Sports Awarding Ceremony in Grand Sport Complex, a recreational partner to the company, where sports trainings and tournaments take place. Summing up the results of the internal championship in Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and Football, the winners received their awards and medals during the ceremony.

In tennis singles, Liana Khachatryan, one of the few female contestants, was announced the champion. Davit Hovhannisyan and Artur Grigoryan respectively won the second and third awards. In tennis doubles, the winning couples were - Valerik Alikhanyan & Liana Khachatryan (1st place), Ruben Simonyan & Narek Khachatryan (2nd place) and Tigran Khachatryan & Arthur Sahakyan (3rd place).

Volleyball cup was awarded to Virage and the best player award went to Artur Grigoryan, captain of Virage. In basketball, SG team won the cup and team captain Arman Trdatyan received the best player award.

Defeating the rivals in a tough completion, Synopsys United won the football cup. The best player was announced Robert Hovhannisyan (Virage), the top goal scorer award went to Karen Marukhyan (Digital) and the best goalkeeper award to Tigran Ohanjanyan (Digital).

In 2015 Synopsoids successfully competed in the Third Armenian National Squash Tournament winning leading places. Vanand Ter-Avetisyan became the winner of amateur championship, Naira Sargsyan and Ani Harutyunyan respectively won the second and third places in women’s championship.

“Recreational activities are extremely important, especially for engineers. Our company encourages healthy lifestyle and therefore provides its employees the benefit of engaging in various sports,” said Armen Markosyan, A&MS Layout Design Engineer, sports coordinator at Synopsys. “Let’s use this opportunity to be in a good physical shape and make it even more fun through competitions and championships.”

Awards Photo