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Version 2015.1

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License Types: Synopsys may license its Coverity Licensed Products under the following License Types.

I. LOC License.
An “LOC License” ” restricts the aggregate number of lines of code in the Code Base on which the Customer may use the Coverity Licensed Product. The Coverity Licensed Product cannot be used on code exceeding the number of lines of code licensed for use. More information about Synopsys’ LOC License Policy can be found at

II. Team License.
“Team License” restricts use of the Coverity Licensed Product within a named development team. The team is licensed to access the Coverity Licensed Product based upon the total number of individuals in the team, and the Code Bases being developed by various members of the team. Once the team name, team size, and Code Bases are established, anyone within that team is authorized to access the Coverity Licensed Product during the License Term. If the team grows beyond its original size, additional license increments must be purchased to keep the entire team licensed. The size of the team must include all contractors that require access to the Coverity Licensed Product.