Resources for former Synplicity Investors

As of May 16, 2008, Synopsys has closed its acquisition of Synplicity. This acquisition agreement between Synplicity and Synopsys was jointly announced on March 20, 2008. Synplicity stockholders with questions regarding their shares should contact the shareholder services department at Synopsys at 650-584-5000. Synplicity stockholders whose shares are held by brokers need to contact the broker rather than the paying agent for status on payment for their shares.

Archive of SEC Filings for Synplicity

SEC Filings – Form 10-K, Form 10-Q, Form 8-K and all other SEC Filings for Synplicity
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SEC Section 16 Filings for Synplicity Directors and Executive Officers
In accordance with regulations of the SEC, Synopsys is required to make available on its web site Form 3, 4 and 5 filings made by its directors and executive officers by the end of the business day following filing. Link to these forms on the SEC's web site which have been filed since the date these regulations took effect.