Contact Investor Relations

Synopsys, Inc.
Investor Relations Department
690 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: (650) 584-4257

Roberta Reid 
Investor Relations Specialist
Phone Number: (650) 584-1433

Lisa Ewbank
Vice President of Investor Relations
Phone Number: (650) 584-1901


Ben Avenia-Tapper
Senior Manager Investor Relations
Phone Number: (650) 584-1901


Transfer Agent

Stock certificate holders should contact Computershare for assistance with stock ownership, share transfers, change of address, or other stock inquiries.

Computershare Shareholder Services Hotline: 312-588-4990


Mailing addresses:
Stockholder correspondence should be mailed to: 
P.O. BOX 30170
College Station, TX 77842-3170

Overnight correspondence should be sent to: 
211 Quality Circle, Suite 210
College Station, TX 77845


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