Synopsys Shares

Empowering Employee Leadership 

Employee Leadership

Synopsys maximizes our community relations efforts by empowering the creativity and energy of our dynamic employee base through our Synopsys Shares program. We give our employees the organizational support and individual freedom they need to have the greatest possible positive impact on their communities.

Annually, 45 offices around the world participate in 150 activities and log 10,000-plus hours to improve and enrich the lives of others in their communities.



Synopsys encourages its global workforce to lead and participate in local community activities. Synopsys has many corporate giving committees around the world leading our efforts.

Synopsys employees volunteer as science fair judges and develop science experiments and workshops for students around the world.

During the Company’s 20th Anniversary celebration, employees around the world donated 23,000 hours of their time, with monetary donations as well as volunteer hours.

If you are an organization seeking volunteers and are located near a Synopsys office location, contact us at


Employee Giving

Since 1989, Synopsys employees have donated money and other goods to local organizations. At Synopsys locations around the world, we collect books, school supplies, toys and food, and hold a number of blood drives.


Season of Sharing

Synopsys employees around the world are encouraged to participate in the Season of Sharing. During November and December, employees donate thousands and toys and books to local organizations. Individual business groups volunteer together at local agencies and help with preparations to support the communities during the holiday season.

Season of Sharing, combined with ongoing volunteerism and employee giving efforts year-round, provide a robust and active program where employees are encouraged to give back to the community on behalf of Synopsys.