Synopsys lives at the leading edge of Smart Everything, enabling our customers to build breakthrough products with the potential to drive a more sustainable future. As we move toward that Smart Future, our business success depends on our continued ability to innovate—and our ability to innovate depends on our people.

We are committed to attracting and retaining the brightest and best talent across our enterprise, giving us the ability to take on global challenges and create a future that’s sustainable, just, and secure. Our talent strategy and programs are designed to support, engage, and optimize our employees’ capabilities and experiences throughout their careers, in a corporate culture defined by our values of integrity, execution excellence, leadership, and passion. These values define who we are, what we do, and where we’re headed. 


Attraction & Retention | Synopsys

Attraction & Retention

Our virtual onboarding process engages and welcomes all new employees with content focused on both our global culture and values and regional/local subjects, all intended to provide our new hires with a smooth and accelerated onramp to their roles and teams.

Talent Management | Synopsys

Talent Management

We know that advancing the knowledge, skills, and satisfaction of our employees throughout their careers builds a stronger, more creative, and more resilient enterprise. We encourage every member of our global team to lead from where they are, and we believe everyone makes a difference.

Wellbeing & Protection | Synopsys

Wellbeing & Protection

We take a long-term approach to employee health and wellness and are constantly improving our programs to serve employees throughout their Synopsys careers. We believe that when our employees feel healthy and supported in body and mind, it’s good not only for them and their families, but for the continued success of our business.


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