Cybersecurity is part of our DNA, whether protecting our own IP, maintaining the security and privacy of our partners’ and employees’ data, or helping our customers design protections into their systems and software. With the threat landscape expanding daily, we’re investing in top talent and innovative new protections to stay ahead of the game.

To promote security in today’s cyber-threat landscape, Synopsys regularly monitors emerging risks, develops and integrates best-of-breed technologies, and recruits and retains top cybersecurity talent.

We also leverage products and services from our Software Integrity Group (SIG) to structure, test, and assess the rigor of our enterprise cybersecurity and product security practices.

We align with multiple industry recognized frameworks including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework and the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Framework.

Data Privacy | Synopsys

Data Privacy

Synopsys recognizes that privacy is a human right. We are committed to strong privacy principles and transparency about the use of personal data. In no event does Synopsys sell personal information. Our Data Privacy and Protection Statement enumerates our complete data privacy principles and is regularly reviewed and updated for compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Our Chief Privacy Officer is responsible for reviewing policies, procedures, contracts, services, and technology platforms to ensure we maintain proper controls related to compliance with evolving privacy regulations in Europe, the U.S., Asia, and around the globe.


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