Political Activities Policy

Corporate Political Activity Statement


Synopsys may engage in direct advocacy with government officials on public policies, legislation and regulations relevant to our company. In addition to advocacy by designated Synopsys employees, on occasion Synopsys may retain outside consultants to support our engagement with government officials and policy makers.

Synopsys may also engage in indirect advocacy through trade and industry associations, which are selected for their integrity and alignment with the policy interests of Synopsys and the broader tech community. Trade and industry associations represent broad and varying industries, so our involvement with a particular association does not mean we endorse its entire agenda. Designated Synopsys executives, thought leaders, and policy experts may take part in trade and industry association events and advocate viewpoints on public policy issues that impact our industry, business, or employees.

Political Contributions

Synopsys does not directly contribute to political parties or candidates. In addition, Synopsys does not attempt to influence the outcome of elections through any Political Action Committee (PAC). Synopsys Government Affairs may contribute periodically to local ballot initiatives in the U.S. consistent with the company’s quality of life goals in sites where our offices are located and in compliance with applicable contribution limits.

Employee Political Activity

Synopsys employees are free to participate in political activities or contribute to political parties and candidates so long as they do so as individuals, and not on behalf of the company, or in any way that could be viewed as being on behalf of Synopsys.

Furthermore, Synopsys does not engage in grassroots lobbying activities where it encourages its employees to contact government officials on behalf of an issue.

Synopsys employees may work in a personal capacity with a particular industry or trade association only if approved through Synopsys’ Conflicts of Interest Portal and so long as the employee makes clear that he or she does not represent Synopsys and does not take any action that reflects negatively on Synopsys.