Armenia Employees Highlights

Synopsys Armenia applies high standards for each of our employees. It is essential in sustaining the company’s growth and success in a highly competitive industry. Synopsys Armenia is committed to providing challenging work as well as recognition, benefits and appropriate compensation to help our employees reach their goals and the goals of the company. Synopsys Armenia creates a challenging, empowering, socially responsible and fun corporate culture for each of our employees!

Our more than 600 Synopsys Armenia employees embody the company’s core values – Integrity, Execution Excellence and Leadership – to make important contributions to both our technology and to the local community. Read about some of our current employees and their experiences from working at Synopsys Armenia. 

Employee Stories

Mikayel, Technical Writer, Synopsys Armenia

Mikayel, Technical Writer, Synopsys Armenia

"Synopsys has trust in me, my knowledge and experience and that’s an essential motivating factor."

Mikayel is known among colleagues and friends as a light-hearted and outgoing person. Coming to Synopsys in 2010 with the acquisition of Virage Logic, Mikayel has since worked as a technical writer and succeeded to maintain the desired balance between professional life and personal development. Mikayel's ability to combine a creative nature with technical competences is due to his experience gained at Synopsys. "My job has provided a sturdy base and helped develop versatile qualities. I’ve learned to be more organized at the same time being able to think out of the box."

Mikayel is one of the core members of his team responsible for developing and maintaining technical documentation, as well as supporting product releases. Speaking of his professional experience career choices and the way they impact an individual, Mikayel highlights, "I'm glad to be working in such a supportive environment that gives employees freedom to pursue their goals and ambitions, both in professional and personal areas."

Reflecting about his vision and attitudes, Mikayel is convinced that "life is all about finding inner harmony and enjoying every given moment." In the process of self-exploration he discovers new interests and works hard to pursue his creative aspirations. Mikayel takes chances and constantly tries out new experiences to find what truly inspires him. He enjoys writing short stories as well as translating literary works. Still music remains his greatest passion as Mikayel dedicates most of his free time to various musical projects, like playing guitar in Armenian bands or recording in the studio. Mikayel is a dreamer and achiever combined as one character who shares positive energy and motivates those around him.

Hayk, ASIC Digital Design Manager, Synopsys Armenia 

Hayk, ASIC Digital Design Manager, Synopsys Armenia

"I’m excited to be a part of such a progressive team. Synopsys gives me an opportunity to cover all my professional interests."

Hayk joined Synopsys in 2010, at the time having more than 30 years of background experience in the field of electronic design. Passionate about working in the core of the technological industry, he shares "I'm excited to be a part of such a progressive team. Synopsys gives me an opportunity to cover all my professional interests – hardware and software, front-end and back-end, development and support, management and training."

Referring to the accomplishment of professional interests and building further competences of leadership, management and customer collaboration, Hayk comments "Synopsys provides a favorable environment for learning and development, offering a variety of tools such as trainings, webinars, access to the latest Synopsys EDA tools and platforms to exchange knowledge during business trips and meetings." Hayk also points out indirect benefits, "Synopsys' customers are the elite of the global technological society and the mere collaboration with them is a significant advantage. If you add the cultural diversity to that experience, you are ensured to advance."

Committed to Synopsys' success as ASIC Digital Design Manager, Hayk makes an input in preparing the future generations of qualified engineers, through teaching "Embedded Systems" at Synopsys Armenia Educational Department. Moreover, he authored a book on a highly demanded subject of "Verilog in digital design" the second edition of which was sponsored by Synopsys Armenia.

"Embedded Systems are the base for tomorrow’s life-changing technologies, and it is amazing to see how ideas, once crazy and impossible, are brought to life today. Embedded Systems are used in many fields – data communication, medicine, computing, security, automotive engineering, avionics, and those are closely linked with the 'Internet of Things', a vastly evolving topic globally. It is amazing to realize that you are a part of this process."

Mihran, R&D Engineer and Anna, CAE Supervisor, Synopsys Armenia

Mihran, R&D Engineer and Anna, CAE Supervisor, Synopsys Armenia

"Continuing a joint path of self-development, Anna and Mihran have found a great work life balance between joint family life and individual career advancement"

Mihran and Anna represent a great image of the many couples that met, fell in love, and married, while working at Synopsys Armenia. Although joining Synopsys in different years and from different companies, they have found shared values and interests here at Synopsys that have brought them together. The couple first met at a quiz organized by Synopsys, where Anna was participating with her fellow students from Synopsys Armenia's Educational Department and Mihran came with his Synopsys colleagues. The couple has been together since.

Continuing a joint path of self-development, Anna and Mihran have found a great work life balance between joint family life and individual career advancement. Today Mihran works as a Senior Engineer and Anna is a Supervisor in a CAE team. When discussing the pros and cons of working at the same company Anna and Mihran both highlight the advantages of sharing the same background in the field of engineering, as it helps them understand each other better, openly discuss work related issues and ask for advice from each other. The factor of working in different teams helps them maintain balanced relationship between professional and personal life.

"Mihran is a dedicated engineer and his ultimate goal is to achieve execution excellence. That is why I try to constantly encourage him to pursue higher professional goals and aspirations," says Anna and Mihran confirms: "It's true, although we have different personalities we perfectly complement each other, at the same time passing on inspiration and empowerment."

According to Mihran and Anna, knowledge and experience are the most valuable assets gained through employment at Synopsys. Apart from their aspirations to further grow as professionals, the couple is also actively involved in Synopsys' corporate social responsibility initiatives with Mihran bringing additional contribution with his singing talent and eagerly performing at Synopsys events.

"Often witnessing unfair situations in life I am filled with desire to help those in need," says Mihran" and I am very happy that Synopsys provides its employees with possibilities to be helpful to our society." Anna adds: "Such initiatives are important elements of our corporate culture, helping us to feel a part of something big and proudly relate to the corporate identity of Synopsys."

Hovsep and Yevgenia, R&D Engineers, Synopsys Armenia

Hovsep and Yevgenia, R&D Engineers, Synopsys Armenia

"Synopsys provides stability for its employees. We have a unique working environment and most importantly a great team."  

Hovsep and Yevgenia both joined Synopsys in 2005 with just a month's difference. Both having quiet and reserved personalities, Yevgenia and Hovsep gradually developed a romantic spark, which soon turned into a committed relationship and a family. Now, almost 10 years later they are working together in the same team as R&D Engineers.

However, during this period Hovsep and Yevgenia have not always worked together at Synopsys. There was a time, when Hovsep left the company to pursue a slightly different career path wanting to progress beyond what he had already achieved. When discussing this period of time Hovsep mentions that his career choices were influenced by a number of factors among which he attributes a key role to favorable environment that also contributes to personal and professional growth. However at the end of the day, it was most likely this favorable environment and the relationships that he had built within Synopsys that acted as a turning point for Hovsep and he decided to return to Synopsys, when offered a new position. "Synopsys provides stability for its employees" says Hovsep and continues "We have a unique working environment and most importantly a great team."

Hovsep and Yevgenia also have diverse interests outside of work. "I've been dreaming of opening an automobile repair shop that would provide high quality services" says Hovsep. "If I had a garage I would build something from scratch. How cool and amazing it would be to make a car with my own hands." Although, no matter what crazy ideas he might have, Yevgenia is always supportive of Hovsep.

"It's hard to imagine that I could actually be of any use in the garage. Car mechanics is definitely not one of my strongest skills," jokes Yevgenia, "Hopefully one day we can work together on something as exciting, where I would contribute my analytical thinking and Hovsep his spontaneous ideas."

Despite their busy schedules Hovsep and Yevgenia are also active participants of Synopsys events, such as tree plantings, fundraising campaigns for vulnerable families and children. They believe that charity projects are a good way for companies to demonstrate their social responsibility toward the community.

Reflecting on these 10 years spent at Synopsys and the dreams and ambitions they had as young students Yevgenia says "I would never imagine that I could work at the same company for such a long time, but looking back I realize that my expectations have been met."

Arpi, R&D Manager, Synopsys Armenia

Arpi, R&D Manager, Synopsys Armenia

“My job brings new perspectives, new experiences, new adventures and new achievements into my life.”   

Arpi is one of the first graduates of Synopsys Armenia Educational Department. Joining Synopsys with Leda Systems' acquisition in 2004, Arpi has grown both as an engineer and as a manager. Today she manages a team of 30 managers and engineers. "What drives me at Synopsys is the opportunity to develop my team, to see my team members grow, and to witness the immediate results of my work. This becomes possible only due to the environment at Synopsys, the values and the priorities of the company, the positive attitude of the people, the trust that my team puts in me, the career prospects, and the fact that your work is appreciated."

Arpi's work entails close cooperation with people coming from multinational backgrounds, and this cultural diversity has proven to be a wonderful learning experience for her and made her the person she is. "I am so lucky to work with my amazing colleagues from abroad. They have guided me and taught me to become the professional I am today. Travelling with Synopsys has really opened my mind to new realities and made me grow as a manager and as a person equally."

"What I envision for myself in the future is continue being a part of Synopsys, growing as a manager and helping my team members develop and rise to their fullest potential."

Armen, R&D Engineer, Synopsys Armenia

Armen, R&D Engineer, Synopsys Armenia

“Synopsys has given me freedom of making my own decisions and it has helped bring forth and develop my leadership skills.”   

Armen started his career at Synopsys in 2008 as an R&D Engineer, moving up to a senior position in a team of 50 people working with cutting edge technologies. "When you realize you are working on FinFET technologies that have never been used and tested before, you want to do your very best so the product exceeds all expectations. And since your company is already at the top of the game, all you need to do is move one step further, and that's incredibly inspiring," says Armen.

Apart from being a dedicated professional Armen is also a vivid and active spokesperson for a healthy lifestyle. Being among the top 3 ranking Synopsys Armenia volunteers, Armen has organized various events and activities such as bike rides, building a bike rack on Synopsys premises, coordinating squash trainings for Synopsys Armenia employees and organizing the first Synopsys Armenia Squash Tournament. Among one of these initiatives was also forming and leading the Synopsys Armenia team efforts at the Global Corporate Challenge, the world's largest corporate health initiative of its kind to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle, and ranking second among 37,436 participating teams worldwide, walking over 38 million steps as a team.

When speaking about his career at Synopsys Armen mentions that Synopsys has helped rediscover and develop the leader in him, and as such he plans to further grow as an engineer, manage his own team in the near future and continue to inspire more and more employees to change the quality of their lives by leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Arevik, R&D Engineer, Synopsys Armenia 

Arevik, R&D Engineer, Synopsys Armenia

“Synopsys has given me a great sense of security, stability and an opportunity to follow my dreams.” 

Arevik joined Synopsys Armenia through Leda Systems back in 2004. "When Leda was acquired by Synopsys, I felt a growing sense of trust, stability and security," remembers Arevik. "I was proud to join a company that was one of the leaders in the EDA industry, and 10 years later, I still am."

When talking about her tenure and achievements at Synopsys, Arevik highlights the very unique atmosphere and culture that is an integral part of her job. "The environment and the team spirit is one of the biggest reasons I have stayed with Synopsys for so long. And although I don't know what tomorrow might bring, I know that without any doubt my colleagues and the relationships we forged are my biggest achievement here at Synopsys. As for the challenges, sometimes, when we work on big projects, we all need to put in extra efforts and work for longer hours, but even if so I feel happy if my extra efforts add to my skills and knowledge and I know that at the end of the day my work matters."

Arevik describes herself as an engineer with an artist's soul. On par with engineering, art is just as important part of her life including hobbies such as drawing, knitting, travelling, hiking and dancing. Possessing such a diverse range of interests Arevik is very active in Synopsys Armenia's social life. Her beautiful knitwear was among the many handmade items sold at the Synopsys Armenia Christmas Crafts Fair, contributing to the fundraising for disabled children from vulnerable families.

Anri, Sr Manager, Program Management and Software Integration, Synopsys Armenia 

Anri, Sr Manager, Program Management and Software Integration, Synopsys Armenia

"Seeing the continuous achievements of our team work is what motivates me most at Synopsys Armenia." 

Anri joined Synopsys Armenia in December 2005, when Synopsys acquired HPL Technologies. In addition to his functional responsibilities, Anri is also managing projects cross functionally, driving for process and productivity improvements. "One of the things I love about working at Synopsys is that I am free to experiment and offer solutions to existing problems. Despite of being a large company, a single person's achievements and contributions are visible and appreciated."

When discussing his achievements, Anri mentions his close collaboration with customers. "It is extremely rewarding to hear a happy customer say that they have been reaping the benefits of the changes implemented by the team. I am very motivated by such feedback."

Anri works closely with other teams within the company, and having good interpersonal skills is vital. "Before Synopsys, I did not communicate much with other teams working on diverse products. Interacting with other teams on bringing the added value of cross product links, I have learned that real success is achieved based on teamwork and good relationship."

"Today's world is at a constant flux. You need to work with different people and different companies around the globe if you want to stay cutting-edge, and I am grateful that we have such an opportunity in Synopsys Armenia."

Artak, R&D Manager, Synopsys Armenia

Anri, Sr Manager, Program Management and Software Integration, Synopsys Armenia

“I believe that Synopsys has created an environment, where people can learn and build careers.” 

Artak joined Synopsys in 2004 following the acquisition of Leda. Just like many of his colleagues, Artak is a graduate of Synopsys Armenia Educational Department (SAED). He remembers his years there as constant learning and knowledge absorption. "Back then, all the smart and hard-working kids were studying at SAED and there was nothing that could stop our thirst for knowledge."

Starting his career as an engineer, Artak has risen to the position of Senior Engineer and Manager. He attributes his success to four key factors: working hard, getting inspiration from small achievements, modesty, and good working relations with colleagues. "My primary goal is to provide these skills to my own team. I want them to appreciate these values not because they are important for me but because they are crucial for success."

Artak says that Synopsys has given him an opportunity to have a sustainable life, work with cutting-edge technologies and be part of a global team with counterparts in Portugal, Canada, US, India, etc. However, what inspires him most is the enthusiasm and the strive for knowledge that he sees in his junior team members. 

Gagik, QA Manager, Synopsys Armenia

Gagik, QA Manager, Synopsys Armenia

“It’s a great joy to witness your efforts bring tangible results and to feel both valuable and proud.”

Gagik joined Synopsys in 2008 as Junior QA Engineer after graduating from Yerevan State University (YSU) and the Synopsys Armenia Educational Department's (SAED) VLSI Design joint program. He has since worked his way up to QA Manager in the Analog/Mixed-Signal Group at Synopsys Armenia.

"I am very attached to Synopsys, mainly due to its management and their mentality, values and working culture that I appreciate very much. I am also enthusiastic about my job as it has given me an opportunity to develop as a professional and work with cutting-edge technology."

Apart from planning to earn a PHD degree Gagik has also suggested and designed a course on Software Testing, which he currently teaches to Master Degree students at SAED. "I want to expand our students' awareness in this field and share my knowledge with them."

Gagik also met his wife - a former SAED student and current employee - at Synopsys Armenia. They have been happily married for a year and a half now.

When talking about his years with Synopsys, Gagik admits that there have been ups and downs; however, the same enthusiasm and common vision for the future shared with his management have played a key role in his long tenure with the company. "I have stayed at Synopsys not only to see, but also to make this vision come true, and so far I haven't regretted this decision."


Everyday Life at Synopsys

At Synopsys, you’ll find more than just a friendly working environment with great employees. Our facilities also contain a cafeteria with delicious food options to satisfy your cravings, a relaxing library area, and on-site comfortably equipped break-rooms with a cozy atmosphere.

“What? Where? When?” – An Intellectual Competition

One of the favorite games among Synopsys Armenia employees is “What? Where? When?”, an annual intellectual competition organized by employees in the main lobby of the Synopsys Armenia site. 

Synopsys Sports

Synopsys Armenia employees are actively involved in various sporting events such as IT Futsal Cup, Volleyball IT Cup, squash tournaments and biking. 

Global Corporate Challenge (GCC)

Synopsys Armenia team have registered an excellent result in Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) walking over 38 million steps collectively and ranking second among 37,436 participating teams worldwide. 

Synopsys Hikers

This young and energetic group of employees loves exploring and navigating the outdoors and is particularly fond of spending their weekends enjoying the sites, scenery and nature of Armenia. 

Tree Planting

Tree planting is one of the many ways Synopsys Armenia gives back to our community. Each year, with their families and friends, Synopsys Armenia employees plant about 1000 trees in different districts of Yerevan.