Synopsys Armenia Cooperation with MIET

General information

Established: 1965
Number of students: > 4,000
Number of lecturers: > 500


On October 6, 2006 Synopsys signed a Cooperation Agreement with MIET to establish a joint educational program at MIET that includes a modern Masters program providing advanced education in microelectronic design based on the Synopsys software tool suite and custom curriculum. As part of the agreement, MIET received a Charles Babbage Grant for software licenses of Synopsys’ comprehensive, industry-leading EDA software tools. Additionally, Synopsys is providing financial support for establishing educational courses, a new computer laboratory in MIET’s educational center, curriculum by Synopsys Armenia Educational Department, Foundry Technology Kit, training of MIET professors, teaching to MIET students, supervision of Master theses, and technical support.

Technical infrastructure

  • Classrooms located in MIET: 1
  • Students’ seats: 20
  • Computers: 20 Pentium IV, 20 LCD monitors


  • Synopsys EDA Tools licenses: 20
  • Synopsys tools are used in practical, laboratory & diploma works, Master theses and PhD dissertations.

Educational programs implemented in the frame of cooperation

  • Master program
    In IC Design specialization is established and functions from October, 2006 – Top graduates from Bachelor program continue education in the Masters program at MIET premises (at Synopsys-MIET Educational Center).

Industry/University Model for MIET
MIET provides:

  • Best professors
  • Best students upon completing the Bachelor program
  • University degree (Master)

Synopsys Armenia provides:

  • Curriculum
  • Industry-leading Synopsys EDA tools
  • Hardware
  • Professors' salaries and students' scholarships
  • Professors' training


  • In 2009, Synopsys vice-president of corporate marketing and strategic alliances, Synopsys Armenia CEO Rich Goldman was awarded the MIET Honorary Professor title.
  • In 2012, Director of Synopsys Armenia Educational Department, Head of SEUA "Microelectronic Circuits and Systems" Chair Vazgen Melikyan, was awarded the MIET Honorary Professor title.

The joint efforts of Synopsys Armenia and MIET have resulted in traing many talented specialists who contribute to the national engineering workforce.