SNUG Southeast Asia Guidelines for Authors, Paper Scoring and Awards

SNUG Southeast Asia 2019 Background

  1. SNUG Southeast Asia (SNUG SEA) will be held in two locations in 2019; Singapore (September 27, 2019) and Penang (September 30, 2019).
  2. During the Call for Papers abstract submission, authors must indicate their preferred conference location if their paper is accepted for a presentation slot.
    1. Authors may select both locations but should expect to present at only one venue.
    2. The assignment of the presentation venue will be decided by the SNUG committee and communicated to the authors during the paper acceptance stage.

SNUG Authors

  1. Authors must qualify to attend SNUG prior to submitting a paper for SNUG.
    1. Authors must be Synopsys tool users and obtain approval to attend SNUG from their management or HR.
  2. Authors are required to complete a paper that is primarily written by users. Papers substantially written by a Synopsys employee are ineligible.
  3. Authors should communicate with the Technical Committee through the official SNUG website.
  4. Authors may be invited to present their accepted papers at SNUG.
    1. Authors are responsible for their own travel expenses.
  5. The author(s) presenting at the conference must possess a strong expertise of the language in which the conference is being conducted, and must be able to present clearly in that language.
  6. Authors are required to accept the SNUG Usage and Copyright statement at the time of initial submission.
  7. Authors are required to review and adhere to the guidelines outlined on the abstract submission webpage.

SNUG Submission & Acceptance Process

  1. Preliminary paper acceptance is based on an initial proposal by the authors via the official SNUG web submission portal.
    1. At the preliminary acceptance level, authors are invited to submit a draft and final version of their paper.
  2. Conference presentation spots are awarded to authors after the final paper is complete, reviewed, and approved by the Technical Committee.
  3. The Technical Committee reserves the right to rescind acceptance at any time during the submission/review process if a paper or presentation goes outside the scope of the originally accepted proposal, or if it does not meet SNUG criteria or guidelines.
  4. Submissions received after the Call for Papers deadline may be considered and accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  5. The same paper or presentation may be submitted to more than one SNUG conference (example: SNUG Taiwan, SNUG Silicon Valley, etc.), and will be considered independently for each conference.

SNUG 'Publish Only' Guidelines

  1. In some cases, submissions may be accepted for paper publication only with no presentation spot awarded. SNUG submissions may be accepted for ‘publish only’ as per the following guidelines:
    • Author request
    • Relevance
    • Topic/Presentation space
    • Travel
    • Presentation history

SNUG Papers & Presentations

  1. Each submission (paper and presentation) will be assigned to a Technical Committee member for review.
  2. Submissions should be based on either publicly released Synopsys tools or on general design methodology.
  3. Submissions should not be based on third-party proprietary tools.
  4. Any submission found to contain incorrect information shall undergo further technical review. The Technical Chair may remove any paper or presentation from the conference program that appears out of compliance with the Paper and Presentations requirements.
  5. After the final presentation submission is made, the presentation may not be altered without prior approval of the Technical Committee.

Best Paper Awards & Presentation Slot Scoring Criteria

  1. The SNUG Technical Committee ranks papers using the following criteria:
    • Technical Relevance: Is the topic meaningful/helpful to other professionals?
    • Technical Completeness: Is the topic explored completely? Is the problem and solution well described?
    • Novelty and originality of the idea/solution?
    • Is the conclusion well substantiated?
    • Technical writing: Is the paper well written and unambiguous?
    • Usefulness and value of the solution?
  2. Each criterion is based on a scale of 1 through 10. 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor.
  3. The individual criterion is then totaled to determine a final score, with the maximum possible score being 60.
  4. Best Paper Awards and Presentation slots are then awarded based on technical track slot availability, topic relevance and paper score.
    1. If an author is invited to present at both locations, the paper is only eligible for an award & prize money at 1 of the locations.

SNUG Southeast Asia Technical Committee Best Paper Awards*

  1. The SNUG Southeast Asia Technical Committee recognizes the technical excellence of papers submitted to SNUG by granting the Technical Committee Best Paper Awards.
  2. For each technical track at SNUG Southeast Asia, the best paper is awarded by the final scores determined by the technical committee.
    1. For each track, the Best Paper Award consists of a certificate and a cash prize.
    2. The remaining presentations are eligible for Technical Merit Awards, which also consist of a certificate and cash prize.
    3. All authors who have their papers accepted for SNUG (either for presentation or publish only) will receive a certificate of appreciation.
  3. The cash awards will be an amount no higher than SGD1500.
    1. Authors must verify with their respective HR and compliance department before accepting any awards.

SNUG SEA Technical Committee

  1. The Technical Committee consists of technical experts from Synopsys’ customers and Synopsys engineers.
  2. Technical Committee members will not be assigned to review papers submitted from their respective companies.
  3. Each paper will be individually reviewed and scored.


*Please check your company’s conference participation & award policies