DAC 2018 GLOBALFOUNDRIES/Synopsys Dinner

Addressing the Design Challenges of IoT Wearables and Automotive with 22FDX Technology

In this video of the Synopsys and GLOBALFOUNDRIES dinner panel event at DAC 2018, you will hear a discussion of how GLOBALFOUNDRIES' innovative FDX process coupled with Synopsys' design tools are providing mobile, IoT and automotive chip designers with the low-power and high-performance technology required for product success. VeriSilicon shared some specific examples of their successes with GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 22FDX process and Synopsys tools. The event concluded with a panel discussion on various aspects of designing with 22FDX and addressing barriers to adoption of this technology.

Kripa Venkatachalam, Director of Product Management, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Wayne Dai, President and CEO, VeriSilicon, Jacob Avidan, SVP of Design Group R&D, Synopsys