DAC 2017 GLOBALFOUNDRIES/Synopsys Dinner

Advanced Design Enablement and Ecosystem Readiness of GLOBALFOUNDRIES Dual Roadmap Technologies, Using the Synopsys Design Platform

Guest Speakers 

Greg Northrop

Greg is currently a Fellow in Design Enablement at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab8 in Malta NY.  Prior to that he spent more than 30 years at IBM doing a progression of basic research and high performance design on system Z and P microprocessors, ultimately joining IBM’s microelectronics development organization in East Fishkill where he created the DTCO process for their joint development consortium, applying it to the 22, 20, and 14nm nodes.  Since joining GLOBALFOUNDRIES, he has continued in that vein working on the definition of advanced FinFET nodes.

Mark Richards

Mark has over 20 years of experience, including SoC design at LSI Logic and 3Dlabs, and in the EDA industry at Magma and more recently at Synopsys. Mark currently focuses on IC Compiler II and overall platform enablement for the latest emerging nodes. He has a combined Master's degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Birmingham in the UK.