Synopsys at Arm TechCon 2018

Collaborating for 25+ Years

Synopsys offers optimized solutions and expert professional services to accelerate innovation throughout the Arm-based product design flow. Stop by the Synopsys booth #619 for in-person demonstrations or attend our technical sessions on Wednesday, October 17th for a chance to win a raffle in each session.

HiSilicon Technologies Shares Best Practices to Accelerate Tapeout

HiSilicon described select methodologies and best practices they used to design their mobile AI computing chipset that is deployed in Huawei's flagship smartphones. 

Yangle Wu, SoC Engineer, HiSilicon
Ron Duncan, Sr. Application Engineer Manager, Synopsys, Inc

Best Practices and Synopsys QuickStart Implementation Kits (QIKs)

Using the recently announced Arm® Cortex®-A76 and other current and next generation Arm cores, you learn from experts best practices and technologies, including machine learning techniques, to efficiently implement Arm's next-generation processors at 7nm and meet challenging performance targets, while minimizing dynamic and leakage power.

Michael Montana, Principal Applications Engineer, Synopsys, Inc. 

A Sign-off Driven Physical Design Flow for Arm Processors with RedHawk Analysis Fusion in IC Compiler II

Learn how to maximize design QoR and reduce schedules for Arm processor implementation with early accurate power analysis and optimization for power integrity and reliability within IC Compiler™ II, powered by RedHawk™ Analysis Fusion. 

Annapoorna Krishnaswamy, ANSYS, Product Marketing Manager
Kenneth Chang, Sr. Staff, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys, Inc.