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Vayavya Labs

"Vayavya Labs is pleased to be working with Synopsys for further acceleration of software development. Vayavya's Device Driver Generator tool automatically generates a device driver for a target Operating System from an IPXACT compliant high level specification. Integration of DDGEN with the Virtual Prototyping Solution from Synopsys will result in significant reduction of effort and time for Device Driver and Firmware development thus enabling embedded software developers to focus on higher levels of the software stack."

- Sandeep Pendharkar, Associate VP & Head Product Engineering at Vayavya Labs

Product Description

Vayavya Labs provides leading edge software solutions and tools that accelerate embedded software and firmware development.

Our flagship product Device Driver Generator (DDGen) tool provides an improvement of upto 10x productivity boost by generating device driver code from a formal high level specification. The DDGen methodology includes high level sequence capture of hardware (Device Programming Sequence, (DPS)) and the Run Time Environment (RTS), often called as the "software view". The two high level specs are then used as input for the DDGen tool which generates a functional ANSI C device driver code that can be used by the application software.

The tool generates fully functional device driver code as per the underlying Operating System's device driver model. Driver development teams can quickly generate different set of device drivers (when there is a change in operating system and/or change in the run time environment) by simply changing the RTS specification for the same device. It is also possible to use DDGen as a tool to explore the software design space.

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Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit

The goal of Virtual Prototyping Solutions is to aid early software development. Device drivers & Firmware form a major part of any embedded software development.

Integration of DDGen methodology as part of Virtual or Hybrid Prototyping solution from Synopsys delivers savings of time, effort and cost for embedded software development. Vayavya Labs demonstrates:

  • Creation of formal specification of all the peripherals & IP components in a given Virtual Platform assembled using Synopsys Tools and Virtual Models
  • Generation of Linux device drivers for all the peripheral models and functional correctness
  • A quick migration of device drivers for a given platform to another Operating System (e.g. VxWorks) using the DDGen tool
  • Use of DDGen methodology for system level functional validation

Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram