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"Virtual software- and system-development are key enablers for the next generation of vehicle features which will be at least an order of magnitude more complex, especially in the active safety and advanced driver assistance areas. Virtual software- and system-development allows to design and dimension architectures, validate integration and pre-verify software early, thus avoiding the risk of late redesigns or costly recalls. The collaboration between Synopsys and Symtavision brings together two market leaders in the areas of virtual prototyping on one hand and system architecture development and performance analysis on the other. We believe that our joint approach is the way forward and will become a key asset for leading automotive OEMs and supplier as they develop and integrate the next generation of advanced vehicle features ."

- Dr. Marek Jersak, CEO at Symtavision GmbH 

Product Description

The use of Symtavision’s SymTA/S together with Synopsys Virtualizer™ tools allows a detailed evaluation of system timing and performance at the earliest possible point in the development process. By combining Synopsys’ high-fidelity processor and peripheral models with the convenient and high-performance network and system-level view in SymTA/S, a subsystem under development can be investigated in a complete virtual electronic environment. A large spectrum of supported network protocols (such as CAN, Ethernet / AVB, LIN, FlexRay, AUTOSAR) and associated file formats allows adding the system-level view to your co-simulation setup as easy as possible. Conversely, as the Synopsys Virtualizer™ provides highly accurate CPU timing, its tracing capabilities can also be used to gather e.g. execution time data for use in system-level design steps such as end-to-end latency estimation.

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Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit

SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer are SymtaVision’s market-leading tools for scheduling analysis, architecture optimization and timing verification for:

  • ECUs and software integration
  • Embedded networks and communication
  • Distributed embedded systems (E/E)

SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer are deployed globally at OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry and in other industries that develop embedded real-time systems, including aerospace, automation and telecom. Symtavision’s customers use our tools to analyze early how the dramatically increasing number of software functions can be executed in real-time, how much computing power and communication bandwidth is needed, and how to optimize systems. 

Flow Diagram

Symtavision Flow Diagram