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PikeTec GmbH

"The virtualization of hardware is becoming more and more important in the development process of embedded control systems. Testing simulated hardware will therefore also be given a prominent place. As developer of the platform independent testing tool TPT, we are aware of this and believe that the connection of TPT with Synopsys will extent the possibilities for embedded software engineers a lot."

- Dr. Jens Lüdemann, Manager of the PikeTec GmbH 

Product Description

With TPT (Time Partition Testing), PikeTec provides a versatile, effective and easy to use tool for creating, executing, and analyzing tests for the development of embedded systems. Tests created in TPT are reactive and can be used in all development phases, thus in Model-in-the-Loop, Software-in-the-Loop, Processor-in-the-Loop, Hardware-in-the-Loop, and even in vehicles. This is made possible by the platform independence of TPT, so the user can run tests for example on MATLAB/Simulink, ASCET, AUTOSAR, VeriStand, or on the co-simulation platform FUSION by PikeTec.

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Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit

Synopsys' Virtualizer is addressed by TPT as an external hardware simulator. For this purpose, TPT provides a "Synopsys FUSION Interface" that enables the exchange of data between TPT and the Virtualizer. Among others, TPT supports the interface import, the execution of tests in real time, and the cyclic redundancy check. The user is also free to test an arbitrary number of interlinked software modules and hardware simulations by using the FUSION platform in TPT. 

Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram