System-Level Catalyst Member


"CircuitSutra is gearing up to become a key SystemC modeling services partners to SoC companies worldwide. The System-Level Catalyst program provides us access to the world class virtual prototyping tools from Synopsys and allows us to showcase our offerings to mutual customers. We have the right skills to enable mutual customers get up to speed with the Synopsys ESL offerings and quick start their ESL activity."

- Umesh Sisodia, CEO, CircuitSutra

Product Description

CircuitSutra provides standards based SoC modeling services. Started in November 2005, CircuitSutra is able to establish itself as a centre of excellence in SystemC based SoC Modeling. CircuitSutra has an in-depth understanding of various standards in modeling domain (OSCI TLM-2.0, STARC TL Guidelines, OCP-IP TLM Kit) and is closely following the upcoming standards (OSCI CCI, SystemC Synthesizable subset, OSCI SystemC AMS extensions) . We are providing SystemC modeling services to a worldwide customer base, which ranges from small fabless organizations to the top ten semiconductor companies.

The specific services provided by CircuitSutra are:

  • SystemC based tool independent ESL methodology development
  • Transaction-level model creation of IP/SoC at various abstraction levels (PV, PV+T, Cycle Accurate)
  • Virtual prototype creation for various use cases (Embedded software development, Architectural exploration, RTL verification)
  • Creating the bus specific TLM kit by extending the OSCI TLM-2.0
  • Creating the bus specific adaptors between different TLM abstraction levels
  • Extending the OSCI TLM-2.0 for non memory mapped communication protocols

CircuitSutra actively works with the standard bodies involved in defining the next generation standards for the SoC modeling. CircuitSutra is the sponsor member of OCP-IP and is actively involved in System Level Design (SLD) working group. CircuitSutra has developed a sample virtual platform of an ARM processor based SoC by using the OCP-IP TLM Kit and GreenSocs infrastructure. This platform is able to boot OpenMoko operating system and can be used for embedded software development. CircuitSutra worked with STARC to create the sample models compliant with their TL Guidelines version 2. CircuitSutra has the right set of skills to become the modeling partner to SoC / IP design companies, and help them to quick start their ESL activities.

CircuitSutra works in the following business models:

  • Execute turnkey SoC modeling projects
  • Setup dedicated modeling team that works as the extension of customer’s team
  • Provide offshore/onsite modeling engineers on contract

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Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit

CircuitSutra can create the models of IP blocks with standard TLM interfaces that seamlessly work in the virtual prototypes created through Synopsys virtual prototyping tools. Many customers have the existing models or get the models from other sources which are created by using some non standard technology. CircuitSutra can help the customers re-use their existing investment by creating the standard TLM wrappers around these models such that these can seamlessly fit in the virtual prototype created through Synopsys virtual prototyping tools.

Pre-assembled reference platforms from Synopsys can be used as the base for creating the virtual prototype of a customer’s SoC. The models of customer specific IP blocks can be plugged into the reference platform, and can be accessed through the software running on the virtual prototype. The existing models of the reference platforms can also be replaced with the models of customer’s IP. CircuitSutra can execute such virtual prototype creation projects for the mutual customers.

CircuitSutra can use the models from Synopsys DesignWare System-Level Library to create the virtual prototype for the customer, or customize the model as per the requirement of the customer.

CircuitSutra can create the DSP models which can seamlessly work in the Synopsys DSP algorithms design tools, or can customize the models provided by Synopsys as per the requirements of the customer.

CircuitSutra can also execute the embedded software development projects by using the virtual prototypes created through Synopsys virtual prototyping tools. The embedded software expertise of CircuitSutra includes device driver development, porting the OS to a new SoC architecture, embedded application development, etc. CircuitSutra can provide to mutual customers the engineering resources with expertise in using the Synopsys System-Level Design tools. The System-Level Design tools from Synopsys and modeling engineers from CircuitSutra results in the high quality and cost effective complete solution for the mutual customers.

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